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Slush 2018

Improving the Slush experience with a Progressive Web App

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A Flexible platform where each expo site has its unique identity

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Rovio invited Evermade to help build a new nest for their flock.

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My M Room PWA

Helsinki Deaconess Institute

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Account Director

Julius Haukkasalo

+358 40 8252741


Account Director

Julius Haukkasalo

Back in 2011 a friend of mine called me and told me to grab my iMac and join him in a dark room in his basement. I thought he sounded a bit crazy, but decided to go with it anyway. And so, we founded Evermade.

From Designer to Frontend dev, Planner, Project Manager, Sales & Marketing Director, Account Director, COO & CEO – I’ve held many titles in the past years. But all I really care about is that everyone in our team enjoy their work and are motivated to do their absolute best for our clients.

I’m currently running one of our account teams. If you’re interested in working with us you can always drop me a line or give me a call.

Account Director

Riikka Pakarinen

050 539 9760


Account Director

Riikka Pakarinen

Kind of a make-things-happen kinda girl.



Sami Relander

“Dad, how come you always get to decide?”, my children ask. “Because, I’m the oldest and wisest”, I answer. At Evermade, I’m not the wisest, but I’m certainly the oldest, so that’s why they made me the guy in charge of running our everyday business operations. But in reality, nobody really does what I say.

Overall nice guy, occasional smart-ass. Liverpool fanboy.

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