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10 years of Evermade

Evermade is officially 10 years old this month. The company was founded in November 2011 by Mikael, with Julius and Jaakko joining a bit later. At the end of this month, we will be 45 people.

Let’s go through our journey from Mikael’s basement to the center of Helsinki.

Our story

“I had no clue what I was doing, but I did my best.”

I always knew that I’m going to build some sort of company. My dad had a lot of ideas and I guess that is something that I inherited. When I was little, I started playing a lot of competitive online computer games. As I progressed in that field, I realized my team needed sponsorships so we could attend global tournaments. For that, we needed to generate visibility, which meant a website and someone to build it. I had no clue what I was doing, but I did my best.

“I just wanted to become the best in the world, one project at a time.”

Eventually, the word spread and I landed my first paying clients. I didn’t care how much money I’d get, I just wanted to become the best in the world, one project at a time. As I got better, my client base kept growing. It got to a point where I couldn’t handle all the requests. I needed technical support, so I asked Jaakko to join me. When I needed someone who’s good with people, I called Julius.

“It’s great to look back at those times, as we had so little knowledge. It was just brutal passion.”

And that’s how it all started: Julius joined me in my mother’s dark basement. My mom used to come there to offer smoothies, so we drank those and crafted websites. We didn’t know anything about the industry. We didn’t know how much a website should cost, how much we spent making them, or how a company works in general. Step by step, we got better. It wasn’t always easy, but we held together and pushed forward. I believe the key to success has always been questioning ourselves and trying to be better.

It’s great to look back at those times as we had so little knowledge. It was just brutal passion. With all the mistakes, I’m glad to say we are still here, stronger than ever.

-Mikael Toivio


From 2011 until now, here are the most meaningful events in Evermade’s history.


Evermade is founded by Mikael with Julius and Jaakko joining later
Office at the time: Mikke’s basement
Niittykumpu office in Espoo in late 2011
6 people, but only 2 working full-time

Robi, our first office dog


Doubled the number of employees from 4 to 8
More and more of us working full-time


We formed a new strategy around WordPress & websites
Slush, Supercell, and Seriously became our clients


Hitting 10 employees
Moving to Fredrikinkatu 42 and sharing an office with Slush


We hired the first dedicated project manager
Messukeskus as our first +100k€ project
Growing and moving to Autotalo in Kamppi
Poki as a client – an award-winning project!


16 people
First 1 million in revenue
Everblox was born
Angry Birds as client
Mini Ping-Pong event of the century

Phil playing ping-pong at the office


20 employees
Foosball table
Moving from Autotalo to Lönkka 18 and almost doubling the office space
First office assistant
More services: Evermade Care

Our current office


30 employees
More services: service design
The city of Helsinki as a client
A jump from competence teams into account teams
EverVilla in Thailand
2 million in revenue for the first time
Our first PWA project, which was a great success


Julius appointed as our CEO
Evermade’s own CS team competed for the first time


37 people
Corona happens and remote work becomes the norm
Moving into a seatless office model
Figuring out ways to support remote workers and create new workflows fully remotely
Hiring Elisa Heikura, “Koodarikuiskaaja” as a consultant

Elisa Heikura


People start coming back to the office
6 new account teams
Over 40 people