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From Morje to the table!* Our projects here at Evermade vary a lot. Our typical day-to-day life revolves around WordPress, Hubspot and React, but we frequently build more challenging technical solutions ranging from experimental frontend-heavy web experiences to more heavy-duty backends. Send us your application!


At Evermade, you won’t be shipped to a client to sit with unknown people every other quarter. All the work we do is proudly done in-house, at our cosy office in downtown Helsinki (although now during the pandemic mostly remotely). Our client relationships are long-lasting, but projects vary a lot. We are now looking for a senior developer to work on these more challenging projects.

To support you through thick and thin is your client team, consisting of account managers, project managers, designers, a lead developer and a bunch of other WordPress developers with varying levels of seniority. You’re experienced enough to provide mentoring to juniors and give valuable opinions to the lead developer and CTO.

On your journey, you will help us pick the best tools and technologies, meet clients, work with designers, spar with other developers, write magnificent code and make sure that the end result is perfect for the client. We appreciate problem-solving skills and enthusiasm to make the web a better place. You also have a passion for trying out new technologies and making our current ones better.

To further your career, you can dive deeper into your current expertise, or start widening your base. Your future could be a lead developer, a solution architect, a design-developer hybrid, a marketing automation developer or whatever you feel sparks your interest. We will support your journey by offering new challenges and growth opportunities as well as experimental projects and new technologies.

We expect you have:

  • Strong experience with React
  • Solid skills in PHP
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Front-end skills (HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript)
  • Experience in REST API / GraphQL integrations
  • Applied experience using node/npm, Webpack and Git
  • Team player mindset and a proactive attitude
  • Ability and willingness to mentor junior developers

You have deep knowledge of some of the following:

  • React Native
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • CI/CD -tools
  • NoSQL (Redis)

The list above gives a hint towards the technologies that we use in our projects, but the list goes on. We are tailoring this position based on the skills of the new hire, so we are not expecting you to know all of these. Tell us about your other experience as well!

What we offer:

    • 12 days a year to improve yourself, participate in events, contribute to open source, whatever you see fit to develop your skills
    • Full-time, permanent employment 
    • Skilled and experienced, helpful work buddies
    • Extensive health, sport and culture benefits and insurance for free time as well
    • A casual, modern workplace without unnecessary bureaucracy 

Sounds like your thing? Great!

Apply now – the position will be filled as soon as we find the right candidate.If you want to know more about our fun-loving team, check out our Flickr feed.

PPS. If you would like to learn more about the development stack we are using, read our CTO’s post State of development at Evermade 2019.

* Editor note: Jaakko’s customary greeting, “Morjesta pöytään!” doesn’t really translate. It means literally “greetings to the table”. Sorry about that.

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