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Wild, crazy & fun. mockup

Brand enabled

Rovio wanted to reshape into something that more closely resembles the brand: wild, crazy and fun.

The website needed to be visually explosive and surprising – it had to look unique in the sea of boxes that makes up most of the web.

WordPress + Everblox is built on WordPress with Everblox. The system provides a perfect set of building blocks for a nest that can handle a flock this mean. In our initial project with Rovio, we designed the site structure and created blocks for both current and future use.

After the site was launched, our role has been mainly supportive. We’ve done some upgrades here and there, but most of what you see today is thanks to the design wizards at Rovio. They have really made fantastic use of Everblox! The site keeps on delivering the wild, crazy and fun vibes that Angry Birds stands for.

It’s pretty cool that has continued to receive awards even after we haven’t really touched the site in a long time. The team at Rovio has done a great job managing site content independently – that says a lot about how useful Everblox can be in the right hands.

Timo Sundvik

Developer & designer, Evermade

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