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Angry Birds

We have been Angry Birds’ digital partner for over 8 years. In 2016, we built them a new website to better match the wild, crazy and fun Angry Birds brand. The website won many awards across the world.

In 2022, it was time to create something new again. Our main motive was to showcase the Angry Birds brand better, bring the birds to life through animation, and put the fans first by allowing them to interact with the brand in new ways.

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Angry Birds is more than games

The project started with a concept phase involving Rovio’s team through workshops, where we mapped out the different needs for the website. We investigated the game and fan culture to gain a better understanding of the audience and created a survey for the Angry Birds fans to find out what their wishes were for the website. We quickly understood that is much more to fans than just the games – it meant different things to different audiences. 

We wanted to create a site so immersive and entertaining that one almost loses the sense of time while browsing and learning about Angry Birds.

Made for the fans

The new website had to celebrate the brand and entertain the users in new ways. is not an informational website, it’s a website made purely for the fans to explore the Angry Birds world.

The old website was static and only concentrated on the games. This time, we wanted to create something new and fresh in order to connect and interact more with the fans. The new website introduces the concept of Angryverse created by Rovio – the different worlds of Angry Birds and Red’s adventures in them. The users can explore the worlds, games, and related content, as well as upload fan art to the site.

Birdsona creator

Interactivity is a big part of the website. With the new Birdsona creator, fans are able to mix and match different bird body parts and add accessories to create their own unique bird. While there is a lot of content and entertaining things to do on the site, something familiar is always present: Red. The Redbot was created to guide the user and comment on the user’s actions throughout the whole experience. 

Technical implementation

The website is implemented on WordPress and it uses the Gutenberg editor. Everberg allows fast and easy page creation and visually stunning results that are always in line with the Angry Birds brand. The Rovio team has the freedom to create and customize content while the brand consistency never gets compromised.

The Birdsona Creator was built as a React application together with Rovio’s graphics team. Framer Motion was used to create realistic spring-like movement in the birds and their accessories. 

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