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Best Caravan

Best Caravan is a lifestyle site that offers caravaners the most comprehensive service solutions in Finland. We redesigned the visual look of the site and are currently working on an online store. The store will allow users to search and purchase vehicles and accessories in the future.

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A comprehensive lifestyle site for caravaners

Best-Caravan’s previous website was implemented with WordPress, but the user experience was poor for both end-users and content producers. The ecommerce store was not designed to be scalable, and developing Best Caravan’s services was difficult. We offered to take care of the concept, technical development and the implementation of Best-Caravan’s online services, which comprehend the website and the online store. First, we learned about Best-Caravan’s business model and the site’s users and then defined the goals, the technical solutions and the implementation of integrations.

Ellun Kanat was responsible for upgrading the brand and visual look for Best Caravan, while we redesigned the website. We merged the Karavaanielämää.fi article site with the main site to make the site more seamless as a whole. Our goal was to build a comprehensive lifestyle website for caravaners where users could find interesting information and articles for their caravan hobby as well as find the right vehicle and useful products from the online store.

Our project was multidimensional and needed expertise in different technologies. It required creative thinking to solve, for example, the integration of different systems. Evermade lived up to our expectations and gave us a top team committed to schedules. Finding a good partner cannot be taken for granted, which is why this one-off project has become a long-term partnership.

Tuomas Salminen

Marketing director & vehicle business, Best Caravan

A combination of WordPress and HubSpot

The Best Caravan website was implemented with the WordPress content management system that we have experience of from hundreds of projects. WordPress was integrated with HubSpot to make customer data move seamlessly between systems and support sales and marketing.

In the development of the site, we utilized modular website implementation. Not everyone is a user interface designer or a developer – fortunately, our tools allow content producers to take ownership of the site’s further development.

Analytics supported and guided our actions and the development of the site from the very start of the project. At the beginning of the design process, we examined how the site has worked in the past, how different pages have performed and how page goals have been achieved. Analytics helped us especially in designing the content architecture and identifying the site’s most important functionalities.

Effective e-commerce with WooCommerce

We also built Best Caravan an online store with WooCommerce. WooCommerce creates synergy by keeping all site and store-related data in one control panel. This means that the site and the store can be updated simultaneously with a single login.

In addition, we built a new, more efficient vehicle search on the site with React, through which the user can filter different vehicles. Vehicle information is retrieved from the interface and stored as WooCommerce products on the site. There is a lot of demand and competition for vehicles, so customers will soon be able to book them from the store with a booking fee as well as buy them directly. In addition to the vehicle search, we implemented a separate search for accessories as an integral part of the online store.

Financial calculator

Under each vehicle, users can find a financing calculator which is based on the vehicle’s type, age, and financing period. When the user applies for financing, the calculator transfers the user to LähiTapiola’s bank identification. The vehicle information is transferred to LähiTapiola, which can ensure the customer’s ability to get financing for the amount in question. The confirmation of financing is then transferred to both the customer and Best Caravan.

A campaign that encourages users to share their own destinations

The Tietäjät löytää campaign was launched on the website in April 2021. The campaign encourages people to share their favorite locations with other caravaners. Social media influencers added up to 74 destinations to the map, and since then, many others have shared their own treasures from Finland.

The map feature allows anyone to easily publish their favorite destinations and also provide directions to destinations, which is a convenient feature for those on the road. The park button helps people find a parking space for their caravan quickly and conveniently.

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