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Cuckoo is a wellbeing app that rewards users for taking breaks by acting like a stopwatch. The content of the app has been created with experts to meet the needs of modern working life.

Cuckoo’s previous website did not visually and structurally convey the desired message and image. Together with Cuckoo, we matched user and business needs and desires to create a modern, functional and elegant interface that guides visitors at different stages of the buying process towards conversion. We updated the site’s navigation, layout and user paths.

"Working with Evermade was great. We went into the project with ambitious goals and timelines, and we succeeded on both counts. Evermade's solid professionalism, genuine interest in the client's business and good sense of humour were the things that stuck with us."

Amel Gaily

CEO, Cuckoo

User-centric design

We worked closely with the Cuckoo team to identify users’ needs and motivations for using and purchasing the app. In joint workshops, we mapped out a typical marketing and sales path for both business and private users. The individual needs of different users and businesses of different sizes were carefully considered.

After building a good understanding of Cuckoo’s customers, we mapped the stages of the customer journey by target group. This mapping process was used to develop the user experience in a needs-driven direction. Different needs were identified at different stages of the customer journey, and the structure and content of the site was designed to meet these needs.

At the same time, the visual appearance of the site was modernised and brought closer to the brand’s core. The new look introduced nuance and target group-specific colour schemes to clarify the distinction between the individual and community user journeys.

The final site structure, the content plan and layout was created by combining the needs identified in the customer journey with the features and content that serve them, as well as a new visual style. The end result is a more modern, fresh and customer-centric website. 


The Cuckoo site has entered a new era since the launch of the new look. Visits from all traffic sources have increased. Following the renewal, visitor engagement on the site increased by 50% during March.

Usually, when traffic increases rapidly, for example during an advertising campaign, visitor engagement drops. Now that the increase in visitors had been anticipated by designing customer journeys and updating the visual appearance of the site, it was easier for visitors to navigate and convert on the site. This was reflected in both a reduction in the exit rate and an increase in the time spent on the site’s content and the number of interactions.

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