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Boosting visibility through a refreshed brand identity and strategic digital marketing

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We have been collaborating with Educo to enhance the company’s visibility, brand image, digital presence, and search engine visibility. Our partnership has been ongoing for six months now, and the great results from advertising are already noticeable both in traffic and organic visibility.

Educo is an expert, developer, and influencer in leadership. In Finland, Educo operates as the country’s partner for the world-leading leadership expert, The Ken Blanchard Companies®.

A new brand identity

Our collaboration with Educo began in the summer of 2022 by revamping the brand identity. This involved a logo redesign, a new visual concept, and the design of new advertising materials. The outdated visual identity was transformed into a simplified and modern version, featuring a round ‘e’ letter extracted as an independent logo mark. Educo’s mission to drive change is mirrored in the new visual concept through motion: a motion blur effect has been utilized in images depicting individuals.

Recent changes in Educo’s service concept, product portfolio and clientele have brought a situation where leveraging diverse digital channels in marketing is seen in an entirely new light. Our old brand was designed more for the physical environment, a time when digitalization wasn’t as integrated into our daily lives,” explains Samuli Rönkkönen, Sales and Marketing Director at Educo.

A unified visual identity

With the advertising materials, we began by leveraging elements from Educo’s existing website. Educo’s previous partner had successfully chosen a stylish font, a clean color palette, and abstract illustrations for the website, which we incorporated into the advertising materials. However, Educo’s team faced challenges in producing advertising materials due to the lack of a cohesive brand identity, leading to a disparity between the website’s appearance and the digital advertising materials.

We created a distinctive and stylish visual concept and built templates for digital assets in commonly used ad sizes. We compiled the updated visual identity into a brand book, offering guidelines for using the logo, typography, illustrations, and color scheme. The guide also includes directives for the visual concept and examples for implementing the brand identity into digital advertising materials.

When embarking on Educo’s visual update, our primary focus was on evoking specific emotions in our customers. The new balanced and minimalist logo, realistic imagery depicting movement, and clear brand elements communicate professionalism and trustworthiness. It portrays precisely what Educo represents today,” says Samuli Rönkkönen.

Website audit and measurement update

Alongside the visual update, we conducted an audit of the website, examining its technical implementation and SEO status. Following the audit, Educo’s website was migrated under our management, and we made several technical fixes. We also updated the site’s analytics measurement to Google Analytics’ new version, Google Analytics 4, and set up relevant metrics and conversions to support data-driven future developments and Educo’s business goals.

Search engine marketing

At the core of our collaboration is search engine marketing, which commenced with a keyword analysis, a content audit, and a competitor analysis. The keyword analysis investigates the keywords by which target audiences search for information online and the kind of content that fulfills those search intents. The content audit involved reviewing the existing content on the site, focusing on aspects such as duplicate content, insufficient content, keyword usage, and leveraging findings from the keyword analysis within the current content. The competitor analysis, on the other hand, examined competitors’ visibility, content, and link profiles in search engines.

Establishing the foundation for search engine marketing and understanding the client’s current situation are important starting points for a successful collaboration. It also helps us plan and prioritize future work.

Search engine advertising enhances organic visibility

We implemented a campaign plan for Educo in Google Ads based on the keyword analysis. The changes resulted in rapid growth in traffic and quality scores for keywords. The advertising has been running for about six months now, and we’ve already seen a lot of success.

Before our collaboration, Educo had already done some Google advertising with a small budget, but they lacked a clear plan. This was evident in the quality scores of keywords and the limited number of conversions. With the new strategy in place, Google CPC traffic has increased by 586%. Overall, the website traffic has grown by 165 %, with visits up by 124 %. Moreover, conversions have grown by an impressive 166 %.

Advertising has played a significant role in boosting organic visibility as well. Its impact on organic traffic has been seen in the form of new keywords and significantly improved Google rankings. Important keywords for Educo have moved from back to the first page. Impressions have increased by 42.3 %, and clicks by 35 %. Overall, organic traffic has increased by 63% during our collaboration.

Multichannel marketing

In addition to Google Ads, we’ve done LinkedIn advertising and native advertising in advertorial formats for Educo. LinkedIn has increased brand awareness, resulting in a 186 % growth in traffic to Educo’s site via LinkedIn. It has also strengthened Educo’s expertise among target audiences. Currently, our focus in collaboration revolves around content development and conversion optimization.

Our work with Educo is an excellent example of how a polished brand identity, search engine optimization, and search engine advertising can complement each other. By combining optimization and advertising, we’ve crafted an effective and cohesive strategy where advertising supports organic visibility, and vice versa. Because website development and digital marketing are under one roof, the collaboration is agile and there are no third-party dependencies.

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“Evermade has been an important partner for us in developing modern marketing strategies. The organization's approach of showcasing their experts early on was a factor that influenced the start of this partnership. Their experts have been easily available, and this collaboration was exactly what we needed. Evermade has delivered on its promise as a strong player in digital marketing, and I wholeheartedly recommend Evermade to all organizations, whether small or large, looking to enhance their visibility through digital channels.”

Samuli Rönkkönen

Sales and Marketing Director, Educo

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