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For decades, Evac has been a pioneer in sustainable technologies and solutions. The company provides solutions for sustainable water, waste, and wastewater management both on land and sea.

Evac had already started a process of revamping its digital marketing and creating a new brand. However, their website was starting to show its age, and the site visuals, user experience and technologies had to be updated to match modern standards. This is where we stepped in and partnered with Evac. The current site drives conversions for turn-key sustainability solutions for marine, offshore and building industries. 

Sustainability aspects played an essential role in choosing our partner for this website renewal. We were thrilled to hear Evermade shared the same passion for creating sustainable websites. Now, a few months after the launch, we would keep everything the same. The quality of the concept, the professional and caring support during the coding phase and our collaboration in general was just perfect. We couldn't be happier with the end result: the site looks super good, functions exceptionally well and ticks all the boxes of our sustainability requirements.

Terhi Jokinen

Head of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability at Evac Group

An environmentally friendly website

It’s estimated that over 20% of the whole electricity consumption in the world would be used up by data centers around the world by 2030. The electricity production and cooling of the data centers are significant factors in the total climate impact of a web service. 

The environmental impact of a website can be measured in different ways – hence it can also be optimized. Data centers using green energy – something we do for all our sites – is a start. Still, carbon-neutral hosting, optimizing images, building fast-loading code as well as effective caching are some of the methods that can be done to limit the effect on the environment.

Sustainability was taken into consideration at every stage of the project, since it’s a core value for Evac and also becoming increasingly important to ship and building owners. Evac has put sustainability front and center in its communication, which is supported even further by highlighting the sustainability benefits of using Evac’s solutions.

The data center used for Evac’s new site is located in Finland and has an ISO 14001 Environmental management certificate. The servers are run on renewable energy and the surplus heat produced by the data center is used to heat nearby buildings.

On the website, images are used as sparingly as possible. Large images affect the page loading time, use more bandwidth, and therefore more energy. Part of the images was replaced with a wavy line pattern that was based on the Evac logo. The site does not use heavy plugins or multimedia, just text content. For example, the homepage hero element is created by a couple of lines of code instead of a third-party plugin. Additionally, a dark theme on the pages reduces the energy consumption of the user’s screen. 

A compelling and credible first impression

Another important goal of the renewal was to grow brand awareness. The website acts as the first touchpoint for customers, so the user experience had to be modern on all devices. A modern visual look & feel based on the new brand, content elements and smooth transitions create a high-quality brand image. 

The site was built with a funnel mindset, allowing the user to inquire about further details as efficiently as possible. The site acts as a starting point for a sales funnel, providing relevant information to key target groups in whichever stage of the buying process they are. Clients, investors and NGO’s, employees and partners are all served relevant content that drives sales. 

Cleaner structure & re-organized content

The old site did not support effective digital marketing: the product catalog and contact pages were confusing and the look and feel of the site did not match the new brand.

The old website had a lot of content which was great from an SEO perspective, but it had to be organized and structured better to enable a great user experience. Smartly organized content helps users navigate the site better, understand the offering, find what they are looking for, and engage them to come back for more. Evac’s clientele does not fully consist of digital natives, so usability was our top priority.

We re-organized and grouped content on the website and created a better user experience leading to more inbound leads. We also created landing pages and content hubs to present different kinds of content to the user clearly and effectively.

Modern technology that enables flexible content management and inbound marketing

Creating landing pages and updating existing content should always be fast and flexible. Evac’s marketing team needed sufficient tools for updating the content proactively without affecting the visual consistency of the site. The new website provides all the tools that help Evac’s marketing and sales to make the site better every day – without any coding. 

In the design phase, we designed the modular elements for inbound marketing and focused on creating an SEO-friendly website, increasing performance and improving accessibility. Great user experience is also appreciated by search engines.

Everberg, our modular approach to designing and handling a site, extends the capability of WordPress to make content management even better. It is like a set of building blocks that let you easily update your content. We aimed to strike the perfect balance between reusability and beautiful design and handcrafted all the elements the Evac team needed so that they would match the Evac brand.  

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