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Finnish Heart Association

Sydä is an informational heart health platform and a channel of communication managed by the Finnish Heart Association. It is an essential tool for campaign marketing and serves important purposes in fundraising, recruiting members, media sales and content marketing. Sydä is the cornerstone of the Association’s image and reputation.

The Heart Association publishes information on its website for both consumers and professionals. It produces content for several audiences: people with illness as well as their families, for people diagnosed with risk factors, and those with a general interest in health and well-being.

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Better usability and accessibility

The problem with the former Sydä was difficult navigation and challenges in maintaining the site. The mobile support was non-existent and the site structure caused some confusion for users. Those interested in health and wellness were not engaged to stay on the site and spend time reading articles and blog posts.

Over the past few years, the role of Sydä as a media has become more important. Because of the new requirements for the service, we needed to implement new functionalities and give extra attention to usability. This meant utilizing the mobile interface in a more versatile way and reconstructing the overall site structure.

The renewal was carried out from a user-centric perspective: content was given priority and articles were categorized in a smarter way. We wanted different types of content to support each other. The most important aspect of the renewal was better accessibility because a large number of Sydä’s users are older people. The site’s contrasts were improved and text columns we’re made more readable by adjusting the column width, font size, and line spacing. Typography and colors were put in line with the brand throughout the service. The goal was fresh and balanced-looking service where the user can navigate intuitively.

Tools for content creators

Before the renewal, the Heart Association’s content professionals did not feel comfortable with the platform and new content was not actively produced to the site. For advertisers, Sydä did not look and feel like a site worth investing in.

Now the Heart Association’s content creators have the tools to create exciting content easily. They see that Sydä has become a more important media and marketing tool. The new site works better for advertising because the new site structure allows for more efficient targeting. Content like blog posts, articles, and other publications are found quickly with an intuitive search and they are easily read and shared. As a result of the renewal, the service is much more user-friendly on all devices and its structure and layout inspire both end-users and content professionals.

"The participatory design process between Evermade and us has resulted in our experts being highly motivated to develop the site’s content. The new service inspires both users and our content creators."

Eeva Hietalahti

Marketing and communications director, Finnish Heart Association

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