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Helsinki Deaconess Institute

The Helsinki Deaconess Institute is a bold supporter of the community and a defender of human dignity. The organization helps people in need regardless of age, gender and social status. We were privileged to help them make the world a better place by renewing the site at

The challenge

The website is directed to a number of both internal and external target groups. To better serve customers and members of the organization, the site structure and content needed to be redesigned. Navigating the site and making donations were trickier than necessary, which caused restrictions on the client’s operations. Donations and voluntary work form a base for the client’s business, so creating a seamless conversion path was one of our main focus points. Together with the content redesign, this meant a new approach to the site’s role in the organization’s communications.

Our solution

We updated the website to a more modern, dynamic and focused version. The site is crafted on WordPress with our modular Everblox system.


We redesigned the content and site structure to allow visitors to find what they are looking for. Website paths were made intuitive and easy to follow, and the overall focus of the site was clarified.


We updated the publishing system so that articles would be neatly organized and have a bigger impact. Article pages were cleaned to give undivided attention to the stories. Site editors were trained to work with the content tools.


WooCommerce was used to make the donation system secure and stable. The client’s CRM was integrated into the site, and single sign-on was implemented to simplify site managers’ access. Naturally, the site is optimized for all devices.


We laid the ground for a seamless donation path and other means of participation in the organization’s work. The website structure allows staff to create campaign pages for donations by themselves.


We emphasized the means for supporting the organization with donations and volunteering. Options for participating in doing good are now accessible and include more information about the type of aid.


The new site meets the requirements of accessibility level AA, an EU-regulated prerequisite for public service websites. This enables, for example, people with visual impairment to access information on the site.


We succeeded in creating a more clear and concise version of the website. The new site provides all the relevant information and supports the organization by encouraging donations and volunteering.

We see every website renewal as more than just a one-time project. There’s a bunch of work to be done after launch, including analytics, optimization, security and ideation for future improvements. Helsinki Deaconess Institute is one of our valued Care clients.

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