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Keravan Energia

The previous online service of Keravan Energia restricted the brand’s digital marketing too much. We renewed the site, merged the and sites on the same platform and implemented better, more flexible marketing tools for updating the site.

We were responsible for the concept, user interface design, technical implementation, quality assurance and implementation of the new website. The new site was released in January 2021.

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One site that the marketing team has full control of

Keravan Energia’s online service is its most important sales channel for electricity contracts, but the old website lacked tools for site optimization and digital marketing. The and websites mostly contained the same content, but were on different platforms. Therefore, the same content had to be updated in multiple places. The sites had also been built on top of rigid page templates, which limited marketing opportunities.

Our solution provided Keravan Energia’s marketing team with agile tools to edit all the content themselves. Their marketing team can now easily create new pages and campaigns as well as optimize conversions on existing pages. The responsive solution was implemented with the WordPress content management system using our own Everblox tool. The new site allows fast and cost-effective updating and management.

Data and goals as a basis for decision making

The design work required an understanding of the site’s functionalities, user groups, and goals. Visitor data guided and supported the design work from the start. We took into account how the site has worked in the past and whether the goals set for it had been achieved. We went through the number of visitors to the site, the sources of traffic, the most popular pages, as well other metrics concerning the site’s performance to get a comprehensive view of the overall situation and to map out areas for development. Discussions with the Keravan Energia marketing team helped us understand the site’s goals and what content the users want to see.

The goals we set together provided the basis for the design of user paths. For example, concluding an electricity contract is one of the most important conversions for a site, so users needed to be able to navigate to the right page easily and conclude their electricity contract effortlessly. The navigation structure was designed to support the transactions of different user groups. The “For homes” and “For businesses” sections in the navigation were designed to make it easier to target content to the right user groups.

Brand-matching visuals

Keravan Energia’s marketing team found the old site too impersonal, so a redesign of the visual look was much needed. Before starting to work on the visuals, we wanted to hear what kind of image Keravan Energia wanted to convey about itself. Keravan Energia portrays itself as warm, local, down-to-earth and skilled in their field – these qualities had to be portrayed the right way on the site. Even though we utilized Kerava Energia’s graphic guidelines in layout designs, we had a lot of freedom in customizing the visual look. We also designed a brand icon library to bring the site some playfulness.

Technical implementation

One of the goals of the site renewal was better maintenance. The site was built on the WordPress content management system which is not only easy to use, but also offers good tools for digital marketing. The tools in WordPress are simple and intuitive, and the open-source system offers good possibilities for further development. The integration of third-party plugins in WordPress is possible with REST API. Everblox simplifies the work of content producers and provides the Keravan Energia team with a versatile toolkit that allows administrators to create new and edit existing content.

The site was built to meet the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility level. Accessibility was already taken into consideration at the design phase, for example in terms of contrasts and font sizes. In assessing the accessibility, we used WebAIM’s recommendation lists as well as our own accessibility checklist. By investing in accessibility, not only was the accessibility criteria met, but we managed reached target groups better and improve conversions and ranking in Google search results.

On the old site, Keravan Energia’s customer magazine was separated from the rest of the content. We integrated it into the site. Frequently updated content supports the site’s search engine visibility and the user is now better guided to read interesting articles.

A district heating calculator based on the district heating price list was implemented for the site using the React technology. According to the information ​​entered by the user, the calculations change dynamically without delays.

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