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Mafy – a pioneer in e-learning

Mafy offers e-learning materials and university coaching courses for those interested in medical, technical, and business studies. It also provides learning materials for high school students to prepare for exams as well as course materials for teachers.

The renewed is a modern and stylish website that boosts the company’s sales, elevates its profile and serves its target groups effectively. Optimizing the business studies pages and advertising campaigns also produced excellent results: search engine visibility was strengthened and the profits of the ecommerce store increased significantly.

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The challenge: a complex structure

The previous served its target groups despite the structure, not because of it. The site had a lot of good content, but it lacked a clear hierarchy and browsing through the site consumed too much of the user’s time. The messages required clarification, especially for mobile views. The mobile pages were long and their layout broke in places, which made the pages difficult to read and the main point was often lost in a body of text. The old site didn’t work in the best possible way for content producers either, because information had to be entered in many different places.

In the previous solution, Mafy’s website and e-commerce were implemented as two separate systems – thus, one of our goals was to merge the website and e-commerce store on the same platform. Even though Mafy’s products are appealing to its target audiences, the old site’s look didn’t support this in the best way. The site also didn’t really lead users to buy Mafy’s materials and services: navigating to the online store through the front page was difficult, the differences between product types were hard to understand, and choosing the right product was arduous.

The goal: modern visuals and purchasing made easy

At the beginning of our collaboration, the unclarity of the site emerged as the most important issue. Mafy wants to communicate stability and reliability as it produces a high volume of quality learning materials. At the same time, the aim was to balance this image with a modern and youthful look, as their target groups primarily consist of students.

Our priorities were a clearer structure and better-defined purchase paths, a fresh and modern layout, an online store seamlessly integrated into the site, and a more user-friendly mobile interface. Mafy’s marketing materials were also updated to reflect the new visual look.

Mafy’s online store was implemented as an integral part of the site with WooCommerce. The user’s purchase path works seamlessly without logging in. Marketing automation was also implemented to the site through Active Campaign.

"Together with Evermade, we redesigned our brand, website and online store. The project was lengthy and some surprising situations arose on both sides, but Evermade handled all the twists and turns well. Their team was patient, solution-oriented and always made sure all of our needs were met. Our collaboration was open and honest and there was no extra costs. The project management was excellent and as a client, I was able to focus on brainstorming when Evermade’s team took care of all schedules."

Markku Pajarinen

Mafy sales & marketing

Stylish visuals and a stronger brand

The new is much clearer and fresher in appearance. The revamped visuals support Mafy’s brand and quality image. From the user’s perspective, transactions on the site are much improved.

The starting point for designing the visual look was Mafy’s brand and competitive advantages. We pondered why someone chooses Mafy over its competitors and what the brand’s success is based on. The new visuals had to reflect Mafy’s uniqueness, company values, competitive advantages and further strengthen the brand.

The new, sturdier structure makes the site much more eye-catching. Differences between product types are easier to understand: the site better highlights the differences between self-study courses, distance learning and classroom courses. One of the clients’ desires was also to increase the popularity of distance learning courses and to sell additional services to students.

We also invested in Mafy’s search engine visibility and social media presence. Based on a keyword research, we chose relevant search terms to appear in both organic and paid search engine results. We are constantly working with Mafy to strengthen its digital presence to the right target groups.

Clear navigation and an intuitive purchase path

On the old site, the navigation was widespread and made the site feel more complex than it actually was. There were multiple main navigation levels, the target groups were blurred and it was difficult for the user to get started with the purchase process. The navigation was improved with clear main levels according to the target groups – Teachers and Students.

Previously, making a purchase was hidden behind multiple clicks. Now the site has a clear Register-CTA and a webstore. As a whole, the site’s structure supports making purchases. In mobile views, the main levels are highlighted and other pages are presented with lower priority. Registration and shopping cart are just one click away.

Clarifying the content and identifying target groups

Mafy is mostly known for its coaching courses. On the other hand, teachers are usually familiar with Mafynet and the exam model answers. We wanted to sell courses to students more effectively and tell teachers more about Mafy’s teaching materials. Therefore, the site had to communicate two main messages. Mafy also wanted to be profiled more as a publisher of learning materials, thus the site now has more quality content for teachers.

We identified four main target groups for Mafy. University applicants are looking for information on entrance exams and want to learn about training for the medical, technical, and business fields. Activating content on the site includes baccalaureate review materials, coaching products and preparation material for university entrance exams. High school students, on the other hand, use Mafy during their studies and when preparing for baccalaureate exams. They are provided with review materials, coaching products and other useful content.

Teachers usually end up on the site looking for information. The content aimed at them includes exam answers, ordering licenses and instructions, course materials, and a teacher’s newsletter. High school study counselors, in turn, support students and recommend them coaching courses. Mafy offers them study tips and in the future also webinars.

Facilitating the site’s maintenance

On the previous site, information had to be entered in many different places. Since the online store was made an integral part of the site, bringing course information into the landing pages is easy. This simplifies the work of content creators.

In the past, the site also lacked a place for article content. Mafy produces a lot of high-quality, useful content like model answers for exams, reading tips, and entrance exam advice. Now all the information is automatically added to relevant landing pages.

Excellent results with search engine optimization

We performed a keyword research related to business studies keywords in the autumn of 2021. We optimized the business studies pages and Google Ads campaigns based on the results. After six months, we’ve discovered that the ROI of the optimization work has been spectacular.  



Mafy’s ecommerce profits have also increased significantly through organic traffic from January 2021 to February 2022 compared to the same time period of the previous year:

Store revenue



The matriculation examination materials page was also recently renewed and each subject was added to the page separately. Subject-specific pages have quickly made their way to the top of Google’s search results.

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