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Site renewal for a global maritime industry business

We renewed the site for NAPA, a company in the maritime industry that provides software, services and data analysis for ship design and operation. We wanted to help them get ahead of the competition by creating a website that grows their brand online and brings in more new business.

Building a stronger online identity

Presenting the maritime software industry and making complex technologies understandable to the public can be challenging. We approached the project from a service design perspective, taking into account the trends of the industry as well as NAPA’s company values and future goals.

NAPA’s business goals were reinforcing their thought-leadership in the field and supporting sales by generating more leads. They wanted to drive more traffic to their site, showcase their services better and strengthen a positive employer image both internally and externally.

A website is often the first touchpoint a potential client or employee will have with a company, which is why we believe a solid user experience is the right way to build a brand. We wanted to create brand visuals in tight cooperation with the NAPA team and listen to their ideas, while also standing for bulletproof user experience. Their team gave us a lot of freedom, which allowed us to push the brand visuals further while designing the site.

Moving from a marketing site to a thought-leader media

Every good site starts with content. The only way to become a thought-leader in any field is to provide users with timely, interesting and thought-provoking content or in the best-case scenario, generating a community around the content with active commenting, shares and even allowing visitors to create their own content.

Our modern solution to content creation included a modular, easily modifiable site structure and of course, a top-notch user experience. We believe these go a long way in communicating the right message. NAPA uses Everblox, our own technology for designing and handling a site. Everblox helps with content creation, since the tool can be used to create different kinds of articles containing videos, quotes and image galleries. But in the end, what matters the most is the message – which is why we ensured that the people of NAPA have all the necessary tools for creating and presenting content in versatile ways.

Everblox is essentially like a set of building blocks that makes the site easily adjustable, since content can be simply dragged and dropped. We designed all the Everblox elements to match the NAPA brand. The modular technology gave the power back to NAPA’s content professionals: creating new landing pages or revamping the homepage is now easily and flexibly done, and there are no long turnover times or extra costs. NAPA is also an Evermade Care client, which means that we take care of all monitoring, maintenance, hosting and small development of their site. This allows for fast reaction times and constant, active improvement.


Focusing on content optimization

SEO-friendly content was based on an understanding of NAPA’s audience as well as keyword and user intent research. The right content helps the reader complete specific tasks, features enticing calls to action or presents clear next steps for the user. We also know that good user experience is good SEO: when users are engaged, they consume more content, interact with it and share it. 

Content optimization work and training NAPA’s professionals to create search engine optimized content were an important phase of the renewal. It is common that organic traffic suffers from changing a site’s structure, which makes taking care of both technical and content-related SEO very important. However, organic traffic to has been growing steadily despite the site transformation.

We’ve managed to grow NAPA’s organic traffic, bring in more leads and strengthen the company’s employer image. Six months after launch, the page visitors have increased by 30 % compared to last year and the time spent on the site increased by 20 %.

Everblox made our site more lively and brought flexibility to our content work. Our creativity is not limited to templates anymore, and we now have versatile tools to update our site. Our partnership with Evermade was very straightforward – their team is a good combination of expertise and positive energy.

Elina Uusimäki

Project Manager

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