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Design & Maintenance

The old had come to its limits. The technical choices were restricting the site’s proper development and efficient maintenance, optimizing customer journeys was difficult and making changes to the content was not cost-efficient.

We wanted Finland’s Porsche site and the Porsche Centers throughout the country to merge together. The goal was to create a better web service in all aspects while keeping everything aligned with the international’s visuals.

In September 2019, we offered to take care of the new site concept, visual design and technical implementation. The objective was to design and realize a business site that would support both the needs of end-users and Porsche’s content producers. The customer has to find the right information and ultimately the right car with ease, while content professionals need to have the ability to update the site and create campaigns quickly.

Speed & luxury

Porsche represents an elegant and dynamic sports car. Therefore, the site had to work fast and convey a feeling of movement. This is achieved by animations and the display of autoplay videos. Porsche is also a true luxury brand, which is showcased with large, stylish images and overall a very polished site.

The old site was lacking a catalog showcasing the Porsche models, so we wanted to implement this to the new site in a clear way. We also wanted the new site to be more informative and helpful for users looking to contact Porsche retailers, book car maintenance services or reserve test drives. One of the site’s most important purposes is to connect the potential buyer with the right Porsche dealer. It’s all about creating a valuable digital experience.

Power to the content creators uses the modular, open-source Everblox technology with a number of custom content types. The site is now easy to update for Porche’s professionals: they can easily create campaign pages or expand the site by building completely new sections. New pages are not limited to templates, but elements can be added, modified and removed freely while still maintaining a uniform look throughout the site. Porsche’s team can also create unique and visually stunning showcase pages for each car model. While the car data is retrieved automatically to make their work easier, the pages can be customized and enhanced with images and videos.

Increased traffic

The new was published on the 9th of December 2019. The results are positive, and the development and optimization of the site will continue. Porsche’s recruitment campaign at the time of the launch has contributed to the great results.


Increase in visits

15 %

Increase in organic traffic

50 %

Increase in mobile visits

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