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Transforming the digital service experience

Professio is a modern organizer of events and trainings. At the heart of its operations is boundary-breaking, high-quality content – international guest events, hundreds of trainings as well as expert seminars. Our collaboration with the brand began in late 2018 and the new website was launched in November 2019.

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Expanding the business

Professio’s previous website did not meet the needs of the organization: it did not visually support the brand’s vision, nor did its functionality allow the Professio team to independently and proactively update content or scale the site.

Our goal was to create a website that would present the events and training sessions to the user in a more attractive manner and provide visitors with functions easily to sign up. There was also a desire to better serve Professio’s partners and those organizing training sessions. The aim was to make sure the digital business could grow in the future and expand its service offering.

The solution: a user-friendly online store

Professio’s income stream consists of participant fees and revenue from partners. We focused on improving the user experience of the site by building an intuitive online store where making purchases is effortless. We built a categorization and recommendation logic for the products, which can be easily customized by Professio’s team.

WooCommerce to enhance sales

We invested in the structure and visuals of the event pages in order to make them as inspiring as possible. They had to be attractive to Professio’s business partners and intuitive to the end-users. The site was built with the WordPress content management system using our modular Everblox tool and the WooCommerce plugin.

The site boosts sales by enabling multiple product purchases, early bird pricing and group discounts. The technical solution makes sure that adding new event products is easy. The site allows Professio’s team to have a lot of freedom to update the products on their own. The powerful search feature makes it easy to browse events by topic, time, and city.

Efficient content management

Professio’s previous site was a multisite, where all events were constructed as their own  entities. We streamlined the structure of the site by compiling events on landing pages and invested in the event search by updating the categorization and filtering logic.

Professio’s offerings can be roughly divided into three size categories: large guest events, medium-sized seminars, and small trainings that are organized in hundreds every year. It is now possible for each organizer to create their own unique event look and content structure. Site functionalities such as forms and sign-ups were redesigned and integrated into Professio’s CRM tool.

The project in a nutshell

  • Tools for the business to grow and expand its service offering in the future

  • Inspiring event pages to attract business partners 

  • A versatile online store that is easy to maintain

  • Better content management and tools for each organizer to create their own unique event looks  

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