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Together with Evermade, we wanted to simplify the content structure of the website and make Qt’s product stack easier to understand for our target audience. We succeeded in doing so, and we are now looking to optimize our work even further.

Carol Røsland

Global marketing & communications at Qt landing screens

Qt in a nutshell

Qt provides open-source cross-platform application development tools for creating UI’s. The design and development tools can be used in various industries, such as the automotive industry and industrial automation. With the single codebase, developers can create anything from ship and tanker dashboards to mobile applications.

Qt’s main products include Qt creator, a development tool, Qt Design studio used to build graphical UI’s, and Qt framework, a comprehensive software development library. As a whole, these tools make the creation of dashboards considerably easier for both designers and application developers. website

The challenge

We migrated the website from WordPress to HubSpot a few years ago, and the business has been benefiting from HubSpot’s marketing automation features ever since. With design and development work, the Qt site was transformed into a more modern and intuitive experience for the user.

Despite a new look and a solid technical base, something was still not right under the surface. We realized that no matter how well the site was designed or built technically, it was the content that needed a complete transformation. Qt’s professionals had different views on what their essential products were or how the business should represent itself. The site depicted these challenges and the lack of a coherent content strategy.

A complete content renewal

We wanted to clarify the core of Qt’s brand and product offering. The blurry visions of what Qt should be had to be transformed into one coherent online strategy. We created a framework to internally clarify what Qt’s brand stands for and how products should be presented to customers. The process involved a deep dive into the core of the business and a number of conversations with Qt’s management team.

Qt’s graphic design was done by Leroy, a creative brand and art direction agency, while we’ve worked on the technical aspects through these couple of years.

The focus of the content renewal was not to increase sales, but to make sure people both internally and externally understand what Qt provides. Together with Qt’s marketing professionals, we created user personas and target groups to match the company’s designdevelopment and deploy service categories. Products for each target group are now displayed clearly and intuitively, and the feedback has been positive.

Technical features 

The Qt site has a number of interesting technical implementations. We created an ROI calculator that is based on the Forrester Qt Total Economic Impact study and ROI Estimator. Among other things, it takes into account the number of developers in a company who work on the software and the volume of devices that will be sold annually. With the ROI calculator, the user can discover how much their company will save annually if they use Qt’s products.

Another great detail is the Qt Features page that displays the company’s products and their features. It allows users to filter them and find the products that suit their needs. website


The results of our collaboration with Qt have been extremely positive. For example, the bounce rate on the freshly launched home page dropped from 45% to 32% and the webshop page visitors increased by 300% when the new version was launched. The key performance indicator goals set at the beginning of the project have been achieved. We’ve managed to help people understand Qt’s concept and to get them to the start of the purchase path. Currently, we are focusing on the optimization and further development of the site.

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