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We started our collaboration with Raisio in the autumn of 2019, when Raisio was looking for a partner to take care of the maintenance and further development of its brand sites. Raisio’s previous websites had been designed and developed by several different parties and built on different platforms, which increased the amount of communication and coordination work. The aim was to gradually move the maintenance of the sites to one partner in order to make the Raisio team’s daily life easier. The sites moved to us were audited by our development team, while others were left to await a more extensive renewal.

Benecol sites as the first phase

The renewal of Benecol sites began in the spring of 2020. The project’s starting point was seven separate sites that did not meet Benecol’s marketing needs.

Benecol’s brand had just been renewed, so there was no need for large-scale visual design. Instead, we focused on improving the user experience of the site. The site was implemented as a multisite that covers Benecol’s multiple language versions. We were responsible for the user interface design, the implementation of the new visual look to the site, the implementation of content elements designed for marketing purposes as well as moving content from the old sites to the new multisite structure.

The scalable platform also made it possible to integrate Benecol’s professional websites into the new site complex, so we began planning the integration in the fall of 2020. The target groups, goals, and content of the professional sites are very different from the consumer sites, but we managed to implement most of the professional content with elements designed for the consumer sites. The development was cost-effective, as only a few new elements and functionalities were customized for the professional sites.

The fast and mobile-friendly multisite now comprehends nine different Benecol sites. It provides Benecol’s marketing with agile tools for continuous site development and makes sure that a unified visual look is maintained throughout the different sites. The modular structure gives Benecol’s marketing full ownership of the site and its content. Everblox allows the site content and the layout of individual pages to be flexibly customized without needing developer help.

What is a multisite?

In a multisite, all sites operate through a single WordPress dashboard. All extensions, themes, features and user roles are available on all sites that are included in the multisite. Rolling out updates is easy, as the changes are immediately visible on all sites. Although different sites have the same codebase, they can have their own domain, different layouts and, for example, country-specific products and other content.

A multisite structure significantly reduces maintenance costs compared to separate websites and provides the administrator with centralized site management and a unified experience. When all the sites behave the same way, content management is simple and time is not wasted learning the system.

Four brand sites with their own identities

In the autumn of 2020, we began discussions on the renewal of four other Raisio sites:,, and These were also implemented as a multisite with brand-specific elements created for each one of them. Utilizing the same tools in the implementation of each website made the development of these sites cost-effective. A PDM integration was implemented for the sites to manage product information and a Cision integration for publishing press releases. The sites were launched in stages from December 2020 to February 2021. is a brand website designed for consumers. The goals for were to better highlight the Torino brand by bringing out its qualities such as domesticity, healthiness and environmental friendliness. Considered most important in the renewal were good user experience, attractive recipes, informative product pages and content that is always up-to-date.

Visit the site is a brand website primarily aimed to consumers. The Benella brand is not present in stores, so the website is one of the brand’s most important marketing channels. The new highlights Benella’s values like domesticity and environmental friendliness. We wanted to improve the user experience of the site especially on mobile devices, revamp the images, create compelling recipe content, and build a functional foundation for articles and newsletters.

Visit the site is a website targeted to food and nutrition professionals. The main content of the site consists of product presentations and recipes. The aim of the renewal was to make the site more clear and modern in appearance as well as easier to maintain. We also invested in a better user experience and visuals that are consistent with the Raisio Group .

Visit the site is the official communication and marketing channel of the entire Raisio Group, serving a number of different audiences. All the different user groups needed to find relevant content as easily as possible. Therefore, we clarified the structure of the site, ensured that important content themes stood out and made the site more modern and easy to maintain. We give priority to highlighting content on the most important topics, brand campaigns, news and press releases as well as fostering a positive image of the Raisio Group. In addition, it was essential for the site to emphasize Raisio Group’s strategic goals, which include healthiness, environmental consciousness and internationality.

Visit the site

As part of Raisio’s multisite entity, we also launched the new Nordic Oat product site in the autumn of 2021. The product is marketed in the Baltic countries, currently mainly in Estonia, with the aim to expand the market to other countries in the future. The site is currently available in two different languages, English and Estonian. With the market expansion, we will be adding new language versions to the site.

Visit the site

Analytics as part of the renewal

We were responsible for the measurement plans, tracking and reporting of the Raisio sites. From the very start of our collaboration, we thought analytics should be of focus throughout the whole project. Thorough design work ensured a good starting point for data collection and further development work. We identified different goals for each brand site, but the measurement plan largely utilized the same technical elements of all sites, which made the process very agile.

Growing the organic visibility of the sites had a major role in the project, as the goal was to make content production also serve better search engine visibility. Thanks to the new structure, it is easy to create SEO-friendly content on all the sites.

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