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Smartly is a leader in social media advertising. It builds automation software to help brands launch and optimize campaigns in social media faster and easier. By the time was up and running, e-commerce brands had discovered Facebook – their complex needs and setups were the perfect fit for Today Smartly works with over 600 brands from various industries: travel, retail, e-commerce, agencies, and many more. Their mission is to make online advertising easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

The challenge

Smartly is a leader in social media advertising and they want to make online advertising efficient and easy. At the same time, they were struggling with their own website which was heavy and full of information that was difficult and slow to update. The more they developed the website the harder it became to maintain and do changes to it. They wanted a partner for the site renewal who is capable to improve the site so that they can fix the content and update it by themselves, easily and effectively.

Our solution: an agile and easily customizable HubSpot site

Our partnership with Smartly started at the end of 2018 and the goal was to create a good base for the site so that it could be easily updated and customized by Smartly’s marketing team. The new, solid site is made on HubSpot. To create a page that is easily navigable and scalable we used our own Everblox concept, as in all of our WordPress projects too. It allows Smartly’s team to create new landing pages and content by themselves, and they can always fix the content whenever they need it. They no longer need a developer to do that and this way can save a lot of resources.

What’s next?

Now, the original site that was made in the beginning of our partnership has been maintained for about a year and has been continuously developed to better serve the needs of Smartly. The goal was reached and now employees of Smartly can with ease and agility add and fix the content of the site so that it’s always up to date. The next step for Smartly is to start working more on growth marketing and marketing automation, which HubSpot provides a great foundation for.


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