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SOAKED by Slush

Beneath the surface

Together with Slush, we created a daring and bold brand that expands the discussion on startups & technology and offers practical advice to future entrepreneurs.

A fresh & sophisticated brand

When it comes to start-up events around the world, Slush is in a class of its own. It is known for its distinguishable visual appearance and manages to surprise its visitors year after year. Naturally, the expectations and ambitions for the design of Slush’s own media were high.

Our aim was to create a media platform that does not come across as a paid media or a Slush blog page. We started crafting a unique look for Soaked and its distinctive, sophisticated and timely design have become its primary competitive edge.

Unique visuals

Soaked’s design was a great success and is definitely one of the media’s most important competitive factors. When you read the articles, you cannot forget which site you’re on.

Soaked’s look communicates Slush’s values brilliantly: it’s fresh, clever and funny. In the masculine field of tech, it is also charmingly beautiful and unisex. Soaked flirts with the internet culture of the early 2000s but at the same time, it is simple enough to navigate for those who are not digital natives.

Evermade understood our desire for the young and fresh vibe we wanted Soaked to communicate. They turned our abstract wishes into concrete solutions. Their team also ambitiously built small but important details to complete the Soaked feel, such as a reading progress bar. Even a small editorial team can get a lot out of the Soaked site in a limited amount of time.

Pauliina Suominen

Editor in chief, Soaked by Slush

Soaked’s readers include some of the most influential actors of the European startup scene, such as leading investors, startup executives, frontline politicians, business leaders and tech & finance journalists from Wired, Sifted, Forbes and Business Insider.


At Slush Helsinki 2019, Soaked was visibly present on the badge ribbons.

Photos from left to right: Tomi Tahti, Samuli Pentti ja Tomi Tahti

Flexible tools

Constant renewal and elements of surprise represent Soaked’s core values. To support this philosophy, the site’s design can be modified and customized without the need for major updates: the brand colors are easy to alter and the logo font changes automatically. The front page and articles are built with flexible content blocks. By playing with those, an editor can easily get a completely new look to the page.

Soaked by Slush was launched on 1.11.2019 and has gathered over 60 000 page views.

According to feedback, Soaked’s attractive design and good user experience have been the most important reasons for people to explore its content and recommend it to others. During these couple of months, Soaked has achieved the goals set at the beginning of the project – both in terms of site visitors and the number of collaboration proposals.

The new and interesting brand has got so many requests for collaboration that only a fraction of them can be realized. Tech-focused media have inquired about joint stories and marketing projects, large companies and startups are writing guest posts, and investors and public institutions are pitching ideas. For example, and a leading European investment firm Atomico have shared Soaked’s content to their huge audiences in podcasts and newsletters.


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