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In 2017, we redesigned the SuperPark website and e-commerce store and built a solid foundation for the global activity park business. The SuperPark site is based on our modular tool, which makes quick and easy scaling possible: in the future, new sites can easily be set up across different countries. We created an individual site for each country, and each SuperPark within these countries also has its own site. The person in charge of each park will also have the opportunity to edit the page of his or her own park and make changes, for example, to the park’s opening hours. Customers can now purchase ticket products such as series tickets and gift cards from the online store and book birthdays or corporate sales events.

An efficient online store

We implemented an ecommerce store for SuperPark by integrating Shopify with the sites in Finland, Sweden, and Hong Kong. The product pages and shopping cart are made with Shopify’s JS API, but in the checkout, the customer is moved to Shopify. Therefore, the project involved configuring Shopify, building the integration and customizing Shopify’s checkout and email templates. In addition, a React application was built for booking birthdays in SuperParks. The application first communicates with SuperPark’s CRM called vTiger, which then creates a shopping cart and directs the user to pay on Shopify.

Results and next steps

Once optimized, tested and launched in one country, new site design and elements can be easily rolled out on other sites as well. Our approach of renewing all country sites according to a new design, creating guidelines for web communications, training web admins, and tweaking designs to suit specific local and cultural needs has worked well. 

We are currently performing continuous development for SuperPark. We have installed improved measurement tools, created an NPS survey and performed A/B testing as well as design sprints for improved functionality and brand content. The goal for further site optimization will be building a better sales funnel, improving the brand message and increasing the uniformity between sites. So far, we’ve managed to drastically improve SuperPark’s ecommerce with analytics and UI optimization. The message on the site has also been refined and targeted, and the fun now begins at the site. The work is not over, though – we are happy to be SuperPark’s long-term digital partner and we will keep on optimizing their service.

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