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Tykkimäki is Finland’s third largest amusement park, founded in 1986 by the Children’s Day Foundation. In addition to the amusement park, Tykkimäki consists of an action park and a water park. The Tykkimäki website is the amusement park’s most important information and sales channel. In the past, the site was spread across multiple platforms and had a lot of challenges from both the user’s and maintenance’s perspective. We redesigned Tykkimäki’s website and online store into one service that corresponds to the amusement park’s new joyful and playful brand.

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The challenge

Tykkimäki’s previous online service restricted digital marketing and ticket sales too much. The website and e-commerce solutions were not consistent with the customer experience, as the sites were spread across several different platforms. The site was not able to sell tickets to the amusement park or other experiences, nor was it able to optimize the buying process through campaigning. Data collected from users could not be utilized well enough with the previous tools. The site also had problems with a difficult navigation, unclear messages, and outdated visuals that did not really stand out from competitors.


Tykkimäki’s team wanted to introduce a new fun, lively and carefree brand look to the site, which had just been created with the creative agency Sherpa. Tykkimäki is the most important tourist operator in Southeast Finland. On its website, the Tykkimäki team wanted to bring out the activities and the joy of spending a summer day at the amusement park. The new concept of “The best day of summer” inspired the layouts of the site.

We also wanted to clarify the navigation for the user. The necessary information had to be easily found and within a short click path. In addition, the site had to support the implementation of marketing automation.

The Tykkimäki website had usability problems on mobile devices. Naturally, the website had to be made responsive and fast on all devices. The user experience had to feel as joyful as a visit to Tykkimäki would be. We wanted the the “best day of summer” to already start on the site when purchasing tickets. The website had to  attract visitors to come to Tykkimäki and to also make them want to return.  

On the other hand, The Tykkimäki team needed tools to easily customize and maintain the site in order to transform it into an efficient marketing tool. The new season in Tykkimäki has just started, and the success of the online service has been measured by the growth in the number of visitors, the growth in e-commerce sales, the number of followers on social media as well as the park’s cash flow.

Our solution

There were many challenges in the operation of the previous ecommerce store. Creating new products and finding sales data was difficult, the look of the storefront was tricky to change and the payment system was not reliable. 

We created an online store that can be easily updated without coding skills. Creating new products is now quick and easy and the purchasing experience on mobile devices is improved. The new service better matches Tykkimäki’s happy and vibrant brand and supports its business.

The website and online store were brought together in a solution that focuses on the ease of buying tickets and the attractiveness of Tykkimäki’s activities. The solution was achieved with our own Everblox technology, which gives Tykkimäki’s marketing agile modular tools for content creation. The Tykkimäki team can now create new campaigns and optimize conversions on existing pages. Tykkimäki’s new website was built with the WordPress content management system and the online store with the WooCommerce plugin. An S Bonus integration was also recently built on the site, which enables members of the S Group to accumulate a bonus when shopping in the Tykkimäki online store.

The season has just begun, hopefully as many people as possible will be able to experience the best day of the summer in Tykkimäki!

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