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Unlocking the business potential of an IoT innovation

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Revolutionary IoT solutions

Wattinen’s goal is to disrupt the market with an innovative IoT solution for better heating control and management. By saving energy and costs, the solution benefits both building owners and residents. Wattinen is a subsidiary company of DNA and represents a completely new area of business. Its founders recognized the potential profit in heating management and decided to create and package a completely new service. 

Our mission was to prove the profitability of the business to shareholders with data and automation tools and to clarify the next steps for sales and marketing. 

Creating the proof of concept

Our aim was to create a system that would gather as much relevant data and information as possible; one platform to monitor all sales processes and growth. Data has helped us validate actions taken, demonstrate people’s interest in the new business and prove Wattinen’s profitability to shareholders.

We offered to take care of the design, technical implementation and maintenance of The site was built with HubSpot using modular content building blocks. We launched the new on September 3, 2019. We are now working closely together to align Wattinen’s sales and marketing department and to create the most efficient MQL to SQL pipeline possible. 

Aligning sales & marketing with HubSpot

The reason we chose HubSpot was simple: it beautifully combines sales and marketing under one platform. HubSpot offers a good long-term solution with cost-effective features for a business like Wattinen’s. Wattinen’s small but fast-growing team can now operate in one single online environment. Content management and automation patterns are easy to teach to new people coming into the company. The platform also allows Wattinen’s team to create smart content and test its performance with real customer data. 

Our main focus has been on aligning sales and marketing and supporting their functions. We’ve worked to get more leads through the website, to make Wattinen’s brand recognizable and to spark interest among the right people. In addition to inbound marketing, Wattinen has boosted its efforts with outbound sales activities with HubSpot’s sales tools. We created a lead scoring and segmenting model that helps determine who to contact and when. Using an automation pipeline, leads were prioritized based on activity to make sure Wattinen’s sales professionals can target promising potential customers directly.


Tracking development & success

Prior to contacting us, Wattinen had created and validated a prototype of the service and performed tests for a few building owners. The main reason for hiring us was to create a minimum viable product and help the company look for the right product-market fit.

We have been able to precisely track how Wattinen’s sales have developed and how the offer backlog has grown with the implemented automation patterns. This has allowed us to prove the value of the business to DNA as well as identify areas of improvement and further development. Our work with Wattinen will continue by gathering and utilizing customer data and supporting the coordination of marketing and sales.

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