LUX Helsinki

LUX Helsinki is a festival of light celebrated annually during the early dark days of January. The event brings joy and monumental experiences to the people by presenting a series of light artworks along a scenic route through the heart of the Finnish capital.

We couldn’t say no when we were asked to help improve the festival website for the 2018 event! Visit the site at


The festival gathers over half a million visitors to experience light and color outside in a freezing cold time of the year. This sets some serious requirements for the website: it needs to offer a seamless user experience (so that visitors don’t get lost and freeze while searching for the light), and it needs to be stable (so that it doesn’t slow down or crash even in the highest peaks). Needless to say, a festival like LUX also asks for a visually impressive site that radiates the spirit of the event.


We designed the site structure on WordPress and provided the client with custom Everblox tools they could use to build and modify the site according to their needs.


We crafted the site’s building blox according to the client’s needs. These custom content blocks allowed event organizers to set up relevant content neatly and apply tweaks to the site easily.


We built a custom map as the heart of the site. This presents a clear overview of the event and makes it easy to find the works of art, cafes and restaurants. Installation listing and descriptions included.


This site is primarily used in mobile, so we did everything in our power to make the user experience as responsive and smooth as possible. One of the most important features that enabled a successful event.


We gave the client freedom to connect the site to social media content and campaigns. The integration increased the site’s marketing value before, during, and after the festival.


The festival’s essence is transmitted on the site through dazzling visuals and fine details, including glowing headings and an immersive implementation of WebGL on the front page.


LUX Helsinki has grown into a phenomenon with increasing international interest. That’s why the site serves festival goers equally smoothly in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.


We succeeded in crafting the elements that were vital to the renewal of the website. These elements brought seamless functionality to the user experience and made it possible for festival goers to enjoy LUX Helsinki in all its glitter and glow.

We see every website renewal as more than just a one-time project. There’s a bunch of work to be done after launch, including analytics, optimisation, security and ideation for future improvements. LUX Helsinki is one of our valued Care clients.

Project team

These people made it happen.

Project Manager

Joakim Larres


Project Manager

Joakim Larres


My name is Joakim and I work as a Project Manager here at Evermade. It´s a bit like being a chef/waiter/dishwasher in a creative kitchen. You have pots and pans with mysterious ingredients brewing here and there. Sometimes the sauce boils over and sometimes the curtains catch fire but the end result is always delicious!

In my spare time I act as a peace negotiator between my three very active kids. And if I find the time I like to be outdoors. Any adventure will do, be it hiking, windsurfing, skiing, riding my motorcycle or just lounging at the summer cottage. Oh, and I recently climbed a mountain (like a real one, with snow on top). Bucket list, check!


Sauli Puukangas



Sauli Puukangas

I mainly design websites, but can handle almost everything. I have some front-end development experience, so I also understand websites. I think that it’s just not about how websites look like, but the whole experience and function.

I have been cruising around Western Finland. Born in Käläviä and moved to Tornio to study fine arts. After graduated from the fine arts program I moved to Turku. After 3 -years in Turku, I moved to Helsinki. And here I am.

I spend my spare time in the woods, either with my dog or my bike. Every once in awhile I go climbing out/indoors. I also have to admit that I’m a Jokerit fan. See you in the games 😉  

+358 40 835 4997

Lead Designer

Samuli Lindberg


Lead Designer

Samuli Lindberg

I am a restless creative mind and I get excited really easily. I laugh a lot and loud — even during client meetings and workshops. I like workshopping with clients.

When diving into new project I want to wrap my head around the whole thing and understand the client. I want to really solve problems and not just do some sugar coated layouts.

Within all this web stuff I also have experience in illustrating, all the print stuff and creating visual identities for companies and events.

I try to get off-line as much as possible. The best ideas are more likely to hit me while reading a book instead of surfing through those so-called inspirational sites. In my off-line life I also enjoy graffiti, Finnish archipelago and spending my money dining in restaurants.


Joonas Pyhtilä



Joonas Pyhtilä

Who, me? Ok, here we go!

I’m a web developer hailing from Vantaa, built my first website in elementary school and I’ve been doing it professionally since 2008.

When not creating websites, I’m burning excess energy by banging on drums or cycling, except when I’m refuelling at the buffet. During the cold, dark Finnish winter you might also find me completely immersed in a video game, trying to escape the harsh reality that’s looming outside the window. And I’m not very good at doing things casually, I’m either fully committed to what I’m doing or not very interested in it at all. It’s just like someone forgot to install gears 2-4 when I was put together..

Oh yeah, my drumming videos can be enjoyed on Youtube and some drumming & cycling related snapshots of my life on my Instagram-page.


Jaakko Alajoki



Jaakko Alajoki

I was founding Evermade back in 2011. I started as a developer. I’m still on that track leading our dev team and getting my hands dirty with projects.

I’m primarily a technical dude but during my career I’ve been also doing sales, managing projects, running opportunistic startup(s), being CEO, cleaning our office toilets, creating videos and working as a graphic designer. And written a book. I enjoy in stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing if I can float.

I like sports in general – like kayakingrunning & swimming – but I’m especially known as an active cyclist (some could call it obsession) and cycling blogger/youtuber. In addition to that I’m spending time with my family and enjoying nature in all of it’s forms.

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