Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

Ubisoft's new mobile game is a fast-paced strategy RPG based in a medieval fantasy world. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians takes the player on an exciting quest into the uncharted realms of the Might & Magic universe. Evermade was asked to create a stunning launch site for the game.

Magical site for a magical game

Our goal was to create a website that would help build a strong hype around the game and immerse players in the mythical world of Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians. The site also allows mobile players to pre-register for the game and makes it easy to download the game for Android and iOS devices after launch.

Visual fireworks

It’s quite clear that building excitement around a game like Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians calls for a stunning visual experience. Vivid colors, fantastically detailed characters and smooth transitions make the experience something more than that of an ordinary website. The visuals make exciting promises of what the game has to offer.

Everblox to the max

This website is crafted on WordPress with our modular Everblox system. It’s a prime example of what can be done with just a couple of simple content blocks. Magical custom solutions can be squeezed out of these blocks, and regardless of the impressive looks, changes and updates to the content can be done with minimal effort.

This website takes the user on an astonishing journey to the realms of Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians.

The site provides a memorable touchpoint and an effective platform for pre-registration and game downloads.

The final strike

The site is more than a seamless collection of striking imagery. Our developers got their mighty on and brought in some extra wow-factor with HTML5 canvas and animated particle graphics. Just look at those sparkles and gradients!

Project team

These people made it happen.

Developer, Designer

Timo Sundvik


Developer, Designer

Timo Sundvik

I’m a web designer/developer hybrid that’s had a passion for creating websites for well over 10 years. In school my favorite subjects were math and arts. Luckily, some vice president came up with the internet and I got to combine them in a hobby, which then became my profession.

My main motivations are to always push myself, and help my clients create something that makes them proud and adds value to their business.

Other than making websites, I kill time by playing games and making music. Is cycling a pastime or a method of transportation? Maybe both.


Tuulikki Laine

+358 40 7200 363



Tuulikki Laine

I used to work in the field of web analytics and digital marketing before following my true passion to become a full-time coder.  I get my kicks from solving interesting problems and working with both frontend and backend.

I have endless curiosity about how things work – when I see something cool I ask myself how was that made and how could I build something like that. That’s what got me into programming in the first place.

In my free time, I’m a board game geek and an occasional singer in a band.

Project Manager

Joakim Larres

+358 44 2988245


Project Manager

Joakim Larres


My name is Joakim and I work as a Project Manager here at Evermade. It´s a bit like being a chef/waiter/dishwasher in a creative kitchen. You have pots and pans with mysterious ingredients brewing here and there. Sometimes the sauce boils over and sometimes the curtains catch fire but the end result is always delicious!

In my spare time I act as a peace negotiator between my three very active kids. And if I find the time I like to be outdoors. Any adventure will do, be it hiking, windsurfing, skiing, riding my motorcycle or just lounging at the summer cottage. Oh, and I recently climbed a mountain (like a real one, with snow on top). Bucket list, check!

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