Pohjola Rakennus

In collaboration with the creative agency Sherpa, we renewed the website and brand of Pohjola Rakennus. Pohjola Rakennus has over 30 years of experience in creating comfort zones for its customers, employees and partners. It designs and builds more than 2,000 homes each year, combining a good location with a functional floor plan and quality materials. 



Brand identity


PDX+ integration

The challenge

Pohjola Rakennus’ old brand visuals didn’t reflect the company’s current market position as a leader in the construction industry or present homes in an attractive way. The site wasn’t user-friendly or intuitive enough: it was hard to navigate and the apartment search function caused trouble for users, since it was slow and didn’t offer enough search criteria.

The search feature is the most important part of the Pohjola Rakennus website. Creating a better, quicker and a more informative search function was crucial to make sure users could find their dream home as effectively as possible. 

On the new site, Pohjola Rakennus wanted to drop the dull, conventional way of showcasing homes. The business wanted to stand out from competitors and create a memorable experience for visitors. Our objective was to achieve this target by creating a user-friendly website that was true to the visually stunning new brand. 

A new brand identity

The project started with a thorough renewal of Pohjola Rakennus’ visual brand identity. The company wanted to have the best possible visual and technical end-result and offer a top user experience to the people interested in their homes. 

The brand work and new visuals for the website were done by Sherpa, a Helsinki-based creative agency. Because the main focus was to convert users to customers, we developed user paths based on user profiles together with Sherpa’s team. The Pohjola Rakennus case is a great example of seamless cooperation between a brand agency and a digital agency: all parties involved are very satisfied with the collaboration and the outcome of the project.

Evermade did a very good technical implementation of the website as a part of Sherpa’s brand renewal for Pohjola Rakennus. They also gave us valuable insight on usability that helped everything run smoothly from the very moment the new site was launched. I can warmly recommend Evermade even for tight schedule projects, since their project management skills are first-rate.

Jukka Niittymaa

Sales Director at Sherpa

Technical implementation

We were responsible for the technical implementation of the project. The site is made with Everblox, our way of building easily manageable sites that allows content creators to have full control over a site’s content and create visually stunning pages. A dynamic filtering option and search features help users find exactly what they are looking for. 

An important part of the Pohjola Rakennus site is a PDX+ integration. PDX is a customer relationship management platform that helps real estate businesses manage information on housing projects and vendible apartments. We extended Pohjola’s existing PDX integration by adding detailed apartment information and connected the data of buildings, apartments to the cities and neighborhoods together. The PDX data integrates seamlessly into WordPress, from where we display it in a fast and robust way with a React application. Various filters and search functionalities help Pohjola Rakennus’ customers find their dream home.

The outcome

The site was launched in September, and feedback has been extremely positive. We are happy with the outcome, as it functions just as planned. The base for the site is now technically solid and user-friendly, making Pohjola Rakennus stand out among competitors.

We are now providing Pohjola Rakennus with continuous site optimization, analytics work and search engine marketing. In the upcoming months, the site will be improved even more: we are planning to add more functions like maps showing information about the apartments’ neighborhoods. Choosing the right apartment will be even easier when schools, public transport options, grocery stores, and pharmacies are presented clearly on a map.

Evermade has by far been among the best technical partners I’ve worked with. They knew how to work with our design and were able to do the technical work very smoothly. Because of their expertise and vision, I did not feel unsure about our partnership at all.

Emma Inkinen

Project Manager at Sherpa

Project team

Project Manager

Joakim Larres


Project Manager

Joakim Larres


My name is Joakim and I work as a Project Manager here at Evermade. It´s a bit like being a chef/waiter/dishwasher in a creative kitchen. You have pots and pans with mysterious ingredients brewing here and there. Sometimes the sauce boils over and sometimes the curtains catch fire but the end result is always delicious!

In my spare time I act as a peace negotiator between my three very active kids. And if I find the time I like to be outdoors. Any adventure will do, be it hiking, windsurfing, skiing, riding my motorcycle or just lounging at the summer cottage. Oh, and I recently climbed a mountain (like a real one, with snow on top). Bucket list, check!

Lead Developer

Tuomas Velling


Lead Developer

Tuomas Velling

Hi! My name is Tuomas and I’m a web developer.

I usually work as a generalist full-stack developer, however my real passion is in creating breathtaking but intuitive and practical frontend/UX. In projects I’m keen to participate and get acquainted with the concept phase to understand clients and their needs better.

Prior to joining Evermade I was an entrepreneur and lead developer in a digital advertising agency. I also have worked in eSports industry as a project manager and chairperson of Finnish eSports Federation.

In my free time I like to spend time with my family, good beer and plunge into fantasy/historical worlds through literature and Netflix.

Developer, Designer

Timo Sundvik


Developer, Designer

Timo Sundvik

I’m a web designer/developer hybrid that’s had a passion for creating websites for well over 10 years. In school my favorite subjects were math and arts. Luckily, some vice president came up with the internet and I got to combine them in a hobby, which then became my profession.

My main motivations are to always push myself, and help my clients create something that makes them proud and adds value to their business.

Other than making websites, I kill time by playing games and making music. Is cycling a pastime or a method of transportation? Maybe both.

Analytics Developer

Juha Lehtonen

Analytics Developer

Juha Lehtonen

I used to be a designer, but then I took an arrow to the knee was sat down in front of Sublime Text and was told to make code happen. Since then, I’ve spent the last half a decade at Evermade working at various roles and projects, having finally more or less settled on the beautiful marriage of data & code: analytics and statistics bundled up with full-stack development.

I love conducting experiments and trying out new things, especially if those new things bend my mind a bit. I’m transparent and open, I challenge the defaults, and I ask the question “why?” a lot. I strongly believe that shared understanding is critically important for successful collaboration, and that openness and insistence on clear communication are a great way to get there.

Things I enjoy outside of my professional life include (but are not limited to) good coffee, video games and nature (especially when hiking there).

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