Poki is an online platform that brings free browser games to more than 30 million users worldwide. Along with their brand renewal in 2017, the client wanted to impress potential partners and recruits with a visually stunning and smoothly animated new website.

Red Dot Design Award logo

Small ball – big soul

We brought Poki’s main brand element – a simple blue ball –  to life on the website and gave it a personality. We used complex Bezier animations to make the ball interact with other page elements as the user scrolls the content.

Dazzling visuals

The webpage is essentially a collection of delightful details and interactions, including 8-bit sparkle animations that add a nice retro touch. All this was built to convey Poki’s vivid and playful brand in a fun and engaging way.

Fun & games

The star of the site is our fully responsive version of the classic Breakout game, crafted with WebGL technology. What makes this game unique is that it responds cleverly to the browser window size and interacts seamlessly with the other standard website elements. Give it a go!

Optimized performance

A demanding target group expects top notch solutions and performance of the website. We worked hard to make every element and animation function as seamlessly as possible. This required some seriously detailed fiddling, but we made sure that no corners we’re cut.

Interactive user experience

The game, animations and other little tricks add a twist to Poki’s site and allow it to stand out from the crowd. It was a natural choice to emphasize the brand through gamification. Visitors are presented with an immersive user experience that leaves a mark of the brand.

Project team

Developer, Designer

Timo Sundvik


Developer, Designer

Timo Sundvik

I’m a web designer/developer hybrid that’s had a passion for creating websites for well over 10 years. In school my favorite subjects were math and arts. Luckily, some vice president came up with the internet and I got to combine them in a hobby, which then became my profession.

My main motivations are to always push myself, and help my clients create something that makes them proud and adds value to their business.

Other than making websites, I kill time by playing games and making music. Is cycling a pastime or a method of transportation? Maybe both.


Joonas Pyhtilä



Joonas Pyhtilä

Who, me? Ok, here we go!

I’m a web developer hailing from Vantaa, built my first website in elementary school and I’ve been doing it professionally since 2008.

When not creating websites, I’m burning excess energy by banging on drums or cycling, except when I’m refuelling at the buffet. During the cold, dark Finnish winter you might also find me completely immersed in a video game, trying to escape the harsh reality that’s looming outside the window. And I’m not very good at doing things casually, I’m either fully committed to what I’m doing or not very interested in it at all. It’s just like someone forgot to install gears 2-4 when I was put together..

Oh yeah, my drumming videos can be enjoyed on Youtube and some drumming & cycling related snapshots of my life on my Instagram-page.

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