We've been blessed with the opportunity to work with Slush since the 2013 event – and even share an office with their inspirational team for almost 2 years. The most interesting challenge has always been the fact that Slush has grown rapidly and the site needs to reflect that. Every year it's not just a bigger event, but multiple big events. The amount of people updating and further developing the content increased drastically. From Asia to Europe, different languages and content has to be dynamic and easily updatable and manageable. And of course it also needs to look always sexy as hell.

“We require world-class ambition and passion from the people we work with. Evermade has been our partner for a couple of years now and we don’t see that changing any time soon.”

Miki Kuusi

Co-Founder, Slush & Wolt

“Most people think a digital project either has world-class visuals or it’s dynamic and easy-to-manage. We wanted to break that ideology and the Slush website is one that really showcases this. We combined immerse visuals and the possibility of express their ideas and message towards their target audience.”

– Mikael Toivio, co-founder at Evermade

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