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Privacy Policy


Evermade Ltd (business ID: 2442608-1)
Address: Lönnrotinkatu 18 C 2, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
Contact person: Jenni Rinne
(hereafter ”we”)

2. What is the purpose and the legal basis of processing personal data?

We process personal data to:

  • deliver and develop our products and services,
  • fulfill our contractual obligations,
  • ensure better user experience,
  • do electronic direct marketing and
  • show personalized advertisements

We may use automated decision-making to analyze, profile and segment all collected data. We use this data e.g. to target marketing and to develop our services.

The basis of processing personal data are our legitimate interest based on your use of our products and services and to perform a contract. With your consent, we may process your data for additional purposes.

3. What data do we process?

We process the following personal data:

  • basic data such as name, username and/or other identifier, password and preferred
  • contact data such as email address, phone number, address;
  • data on the participants at events and possible event data, such as preferred events;
  • other possible data gathered with your consent.

4. From where do we receive data?

We usually receive data that you provide us. For the purposes described in this privacy notice, personal data may also be collected and updated from publicly available sources and based on data received from our partners or other third parties within the limits of applicable laws and regulations. Such updating of data is performed manually or by automated means.

5. To whom do we disclose data, and do we transfer data outside the EU or the EEA?

Due to the nature of the service, other users may, for example, see your profile data, activities and read the messages you have posted. We may process and disclose data with other companies and organizations and provide it to public authorities in response to legal requests.

We use subcontractors that process personal data on our behalf. We have outsourced the IT-management to an external service provider, on whose administrated and secure server the personal data is stored. We use the following third-party service providers in the provision of the our services:

  • Google Play Services
  • Google Analytics for Firebase
  • Expo
  • Sentry

Due to the global nature of our services, personal data can be transferred anywhere in the world. We ensure that any subcontractor or partner has committed to adequate legal safeguards such as the EU Commission’s standard contractual clauses.

6. How do we protect the data and how long do we store them?

Only those of our employees, who on behalf of their work are entitled to process your data, are entitled to use the system containing personal data. Each user has a personal username and password to the system. The data is collected into databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical measures. We store the data for the duration of your use of our services. We assess the need for data storage regularly, taking into account the applicable legislation. In addition, we take reasonable actions that ensure no incompatible, outdated or inaccurate personal data is stored taking into account the purpose of the processing. We aim to correct or erase such data without delay.

7 What are your rights as a data subject?

You have the right to inspect your data, to correct your data and to have your data erased. You may edit the data you have access to. You have the right to withdraw or change your consent. You have the right to object to or restrict the processing of your data and to lodge a complaint with the local supervisory authority. You have the right to opt-out of receiving marketing emails or advertisements.

This opt-out will not affect non-promotional emails.You may also have the right to object to other processing activities when the legal basis of processing is legitimate interest. In connection with your request, you shall identify the specific situation, based on which you object to the processing. We can refuse the objection request only on legal grounds.

8. Who can you be in contact with?

All contacts and requests concerning this privacy policy shall be submitted to the contact person listed.