Hiring Designers, Developers and Project Managers for Web

Be surrounded by amazingly talented people who all share a passion for web.

We believe in passionate people. Our entire company is built around the firm belief that by being genuinely enthusiastic about what we do, we can surpass ourselves again and again. Working at Evermade means you will be surrounded by amazingly talented people who all share a passion for what they do.

From the fields of gaming and technology to sports and health, you will have an unique opportunity to work with a clientele that consists of the very best. We work with companies that are passionate about making something remarkable, and who are driven by the will to be the best in their field.

Flexible working hours

Want to sleep off a long night, or go enjoy the afternoon sun? Go right ahead. We see no value in strict working hours, and we trust our employees to get things done in time without sneaking behind their backs.

New bike & sports vouchers

We care about our people, and we believe that health and happiness go hand in hand. All our employees are entitled to sports and culture vouchers as well as a brand new bike. And not just any bike, but a really great one. Our CTO @kampiapina is a bicycle freak, and it shows.

Smartphone and laptop of your choice

Start your #evermadelife with zero friction by having everything you need provided for you. Tools are extensions of your abilities, and we want you to be able to deliver your best from the start.

Great atmosphere, and people to match

We pride ourselves in our laid-back and warm atmosphere. Whether it’s a sudden challenge to a Stiga Ice Hockey duel, or a cup of coffee and chatter at the lounge, the Evermade folk always enjoy their time at the office.

Location in the heart of Helsinki

Our well-lit and roomy office is located right next to the Kamppi shopping centre and metro station, so arriving to and spending time in our office is a joy.

Power to make a difference

With zero bureaucracy and a flat hierarchy, changing things around is as simple as just doing the thing. We are on an everlasting mission to better ourselves, and are always open for fresh ideas.

Business Development Manager

Evermade is looking for a Business Developer

Evermade is looking for a full stack WordPress developer

Full stack web developer to join our Evermade Care team.

Have a look at #evermadelife

evermade - Feb 28

We're hiring a Business Development Manager. Apply now and be a part of our passionate and fun-loving team! https://www.evermade.fi/en/career/business-development-manager/
evermade - Feb 06

1. Luo aidosti kiinnostavaa sisältöä: kerro tarinoita ja ota selkeästi kantaa. 2. Päivitä sometaitosi: nykyään some voi olla jopa ainoa kohtaamispaikka asiakkaan kanssa. 3. Reagoi nopeasti sekä asiakkaisiin että mahdollisiin ajankohtaisiin ilmiöihin.
evermade - Jan 30

Talvipyöräily ei kummia vaadi – pääsääntöisesti vain oikean asenteen! Lue Evermaden Jaakon blogikirjoitus aiheesta:
evermadefi - Jan 17

Joustavat työajat = parempaa elämänlaatua. #evermadelife @evermadefi https://t.co/8e0iZTYLpu
evermade - Jan 17

Muovaatko sinä oman vuorokausirytmisi työpäivään sopivaksi vai mukautuuko työpäiväsi oman rytmisi mukaan?
evermadefi - Jan 09

Suosituimmat verkkosivualustat vertailussa – lue plussat ja miinukset https://t.co/HM8vhbeCPy @WordPress @HubSpot @squarespace @drupal
evermade - Jan 09

Mikä alusta on paras sivustollesi? Nappaa tärpit vertailustamme.
evermade - Dec 31, 2016
Onnellista uutta vuotta! Happy New Year!
evermade - Dec 23, 2016
Tunnelmallista joulua! Merry Christmas everyone!
evermade - Dec 12, 2016

"Haastavimmat tilanteet töissä liittyvät siihen, kun Google pettää – devatessa tulee välillä niin erikoisia tilanteita, että Googlestakaan ei löydy kohtalotovereita. Niinä hetkinä elämä yleensä vilahtaa silmissä ja miettii hetkellisesti uranvaihtoa."
evermade - Dec 07, 2016

In the past couple of years we’ve had the chance to bring our expertise outside Finnish borders. Check out our partners around the world!
evermade - Dec 06, 2016
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää, Suomi! Happy Independence Day, Finland!

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