Life after hockey

Teemu Selänne

It’s hard to think about ice hockey without thinking about Teemu Selänne, a hockey legend considered one the NHL’s all time best. Although his era on ice has passed, Teemus story is far from over, as he continues to contribute to sports and charitable organisations in a multitude of ways. With a legacy that spans a quarter of a century, there is a great story to tell and a vast audience eager to hear it. However, there was no centralised medium to tell this story on, and this is why Teemu Selänne and his company reached out to Evermade.

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Together we set out to create a website that would allow everything Selänne to reside under one roof

In other words, our mutual goal was to create a medium that would enable Teemu to tell his story and to share his past, present and future with the world. One of our top priorities was to create an easily browsable, year-by-year overview and history of Teemus 25-year-long ice hockey career. The visual language of the site was carefully designed to reflect the admirable journey of the NHL star, and the imagery used was meticulously hand-picked to match our demands for quality.

Thumb up by Teemu

During the press conference held at the time of launch, Teemu expressed his personal gratitude and liking towards what we had built. It was a great to be a part of the digital continuation of Teemu’s career, and we look forward to having more stories to tell with him in the future.

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