Otto Antikainen — April 6, 2018

Grand One 2018 award for Best UX-design goes to…


Grand One 2018


🍾 – created by Evermade and Slush! 🍾


Grand One is the biggest digital media competition in Finland. The jury rewards the best digital media work in 18 different categories. The competition was held the 22nd time this year, and a record amount of works – over 250 in total – were submitted.

19 works competed in the Best UX-design category. received the award over the other three finalists.

Here’s what the jury had to say about our winner:

“The winning work is built responsively with a very modern touch. Information needed by the users is easy to find. The implementation is based on time, and works seamlessly with the themes and visuals that this event is known for.”

Grand One 2018 for Best UX-design –

The site reflects the unique atmosphere and rapid growth of the event

We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Slush since the 2013 event. The most interesting challenge has always been the fact that Slush keeps growing rapidly. Every year it’s not just a bigger event, but multiple big events. Read more about our work with Slush here.

Over the years, the amount of people updating and further developing the content has increased drastically. It’s fair to say that also the expectations for the event are lifted higher and higher every year.

“The Slush team has a unique touch to content. Everything always works smoothly and professionally with various photographers and writers and with all the amount of content. We have excellent content producers.” Jesse Pyy, CMO at Slush

Best UX-design winner

The winning smile – Mikael Toivio, Co-founder of Evermade

We continue our work to make even better

Every year the site goes through multiple changes, because the event changes, and so do the users’ needs.

“This year we went really data driven, we researched what the users really do on the site and tried to understand the motivation behind their behaviour.” Mikael Toivio, Co-founder of Evermade

It has been an amazing journey for Evermade to work with such a unique event and team. We continue working with Slush on the 2018 event and hopefully for many more years to come.

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