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tools you need for WordPress

Streamline and improve content creation, A/B-testing and analytics with GrowthStack.

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GrowthStack provides you with the best possible WordPress experience. It gives you all the tools you need to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and effectively convert your website visitors.

Built for modern WordPress

GrowthStack works with Gutenberg, turning WordPress into a growth marketing tool.

Effective marketing tools

Enable the personalisation of content, effective A/B-testing and analytics.

Access everything from the admin

GrowthStack brings a versatile marketing toolkit directly to your WordPress dashboard.

Easy installation

GrowthStack is installed just like other WordPress plugins. Fast and easy.

Tailor content for your target groups

Display content you’ve tailored to your visitors’ needs. Increase conversions, improve the user experience, and deliver a unique and compelling message.

Personalize your user experience. Tailor your content and deliver a unique and compelling message.

Segment your visitors. Segment your new vs. returning visitors.  

Target messages. Target based on user location, language, device type, newsletter, social media & Google Ads campaigns, Query parameters & UTM parameters. 

Test and make improvements with ease

Run A/B-tests effectively from the WordPress admin. Make data-driven improvements that ensure your message resonates with your audience and drive growth.

Run tests from WordPress admin. Run tests right where you create your content — on WordPress.

No coding needed. Effortlessly create content and layout variations.

Make data-driven improvements. Make decisions based on data and improve your conversions.

Assess the performance of your content

Have the performance stats at your fingertips on WordPress admin. Gain a deeper understanding of how well your website is performing and how visitors interact with your website.

See important metrics next to your content. Access analytics straight from the WordPress admin and monitor the success of your marketing efforts.

Gain understanding. Follow data and gain a deeper understanding of how well your website is performing.

Results at a glance. See the performance of your content at a glance. View your KPIs and A/B-test results.

Everything you need to improve your content creation

GrowthStack is loaded with the best tools for modern marketing and content creation. It is installed just like any other WordPress plugin.



Contextual Analytics

Requirements for installation: To install GrowthStack you need WordPress 6.0+, WordPress Gutenberg editor, and PHP Version 7.4+.

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