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We take a handcrafted approach to building websites and digital services. Our skilled team of designers, developers and analysts know how to turn impressive concepts into even better end products.



Service design, UX design, UI design

We believe usability and beauty go hand in hand. That’s why we implement design thinking in every stage of building a digital product.



Websites, E-commerce, Applications

We code side by side with our designers to create amazing frontends and backends that ensure the product works exactly as it should.



Research, SEO, Reporting

We track and optimize performance and help you understand your users better in order for you to reach and exceed your business goals.

Everblox is our tool for better website management

Together with our clients, we have developed a solution that provides a perfect balance between freedom and control over content.

No compromises. We believe you can have the best of both worlds – a website that’s both visually stunning and easy to manage.

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Evermade CARE

Our reliable and fast maintenance service keeps your site or service up and running securely. Read more and contact us for a plan.


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We work with the best


Julius Haukkasalo

+358 40 8252741



Julius Haukkasalo

Back in 2011 a friend of mine called me and told me to grab my iMac and join him in a dark room in his basement. I thought he sounded a bit crazy, but decided to go with it anyway. And so, we founded Evermade.

From Designer to Frontend dev, Planner, Project Manager, Sales & Marketing Director, Account Director, COO & CEO – I’ve held many titles in the past years. But all I really care about is that everyone in our team enjoy their work and are motivated to do their absolute best for our clients.

If you’re interested in working with us you can always drop me a line or give me a call.

Project Manager

Joakim Larres

+358 44 2988245


Project Manager

Joakim Larres


My name is Joakim and I work as a Project Manager here at Evermade. It´s a bit like being a chef/waiter/dishwasher in a creative kitchen. You have pots and pans with mysterious ingredients brewing here and there. Sometimes the sauce boils over and sometimes the curtains catch fire but the end result is always delicious!

In my spare time I act as a peace negotiator between my three very active kids. And if I find the time I like to be outdoors. Any adventure will do, be it hiking, windsurfing, skiing, riding my motorcycle or just lounging at the summer cottage. Oh, and I recently climbed a mountain (like a real one, with snow on top). Bucket list, check!

Account Manager

Jenni Rinne

jenni from evermade

Account Manager

Jenni Rinne

Hi there!

My name is Jenni and I work as an Account Manager at Evermade, which basically means that my job is to keep my team busy and clients happy. It’s a very inspiring position to be in, since I get to be part of projects that actually make a difference. While my production team does all the ‘dirty work’ when developing and designing the actual services, I am the one responsible for the projects and accounts in general.

My favourite quote is from the former Finnish President Mauno Koivisto, which freely translated goes “Unless we know with certainty what will happen, let’s assume everything is going well.” I try to keep these wise words in mind when dealing with projects.

I love traveling, food and sports. When I am not busy with work, you may find me at the gym or running the Helsinki seaside. Nothing makes me happier than a long run on a sunny day.

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