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World-class apps that meet the expectations of modern users

Our intuitive and engaging solutions are designed to take your business to the next level by offering users superior experiences. We strive to help you overcome your digital challenges by finding the right technology solution, be it a native mobile app (React Native) or a combination of a website and app (PWA). We also build customized solutions such as appointment applications, info screens, and extranets.

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Versatile digital services for web, desktop and mobile

We help you realize your full business potential by creating flexible solutions that focus on serving the user. We offer a comprehensive set of services around your digital solution to make sure the progress doesn’t stop after launch. We don’t simply build apps, but platforms with complex functionalities as well as intranets, extranets, and info screens. When it comes to digital services, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Contact us, and we’ll discuss the best option for your specific needs.

Web apps: the smoothest way to build a SaaS service

We believe web apps are only going to grow in number and importance in the coming years simply because of their convenience and scalability. Web apps are websites built with versatile functionalities, developed to be used by a variety of web browsers. The main advantage of a web app is that it doesn’t need to be installed on the device like a native app – the user simply needs the web address and the app will load straight into the browser.

Web apps use a single codebase, which means easier maintenance and lower development costs compared to native apps. Web apps can be updated without any kind of app store barrier between you and your customer: when you want to roll out a new feature, it’s as simple as updating your website.

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The best of both worlds: PWA’s combine native apps and the web

PWA’s combine the best features of both mobile apps and the web while drastically saving in development and maintenance costs compared to native apps. PWA’s are all about convenience: the user can add the app on their home screen directly from the website by just clicking a button.

The PWA technology feels as natural to the user as native apps, but it comes with a bunch of additional benefits. These include offline use and push notifications, home screen access, instant load speeds, and avoiding app store download barriers.

PWA’s use a single codebase across different operating systems (Android, iOS, OSX, Windows) and devices. This feature makes them faster and more affordable to build than native apps. Therefore, PWA’s can be great for services that are actively used on both desktop and mobile devices.

React native gives native-like performance with greater flexibility

With React, we can build native-like applications with rich and intuitive UI’s from a unified codebase and deploy them to both iOS and Android platforms. If you’re looking for native-like performance combined with great flexibility without compromising user experiences, React Native might be the right choice.

The biggest advantage of native apps over web apps is making use of the device’s features. Native apps can easily use push notifications, vibration, gyroscope and many other features.

React is a versatile tool: it makes use of the same design patterns in both web and mobile app development. Compared to native, React Native increases the speed of mobile development without compromising the app’s features. Possible problems can be solved in one place for both platforms simultaneously.

React allows us to build scalable frontend code where components work systematically in different situations. The tool makes sure we can easily export our work into the web, desktop, or mobile – saving in working hours and development costs. Since all of our developers are familiar with React, bringing new people into projects is straightforward and we can avoid lengthy handovers.

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