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Digital advertising

Digital advertising brings potential customers to your site from search engines and social media in a highly targeted and cost-effective way. Google advertising is based on performance, meaning you only pay per click. Advertising can quickly increase the visibility of your site and also boost organic results.

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Increase your sales & visibility by advertising

Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising brings more visitors to your site can increase your sales in a short time. When your site’s content is search engine optimized, paid traffic can also accelerate the development of organic results. This is because a higher number of visitors develop the site’s quality score in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

We offer keyword, Display, video, and Google Shopping advertising. We use the keyword list created during keyword research to optimize digital advertising campaigns, making it easier to evaluate CPCs for individual search terms. This allows us to focus the advertising on optimized clicks in order to maximize the cost-benefit ratio.

Advertising also helps with the momentary decline in organic visibility that occurs when a new site is launched. When we launch your site, we also launch campaigns related to your brand and products or services. After the site renewal, we track the search terms for which the content is optimized. This way, we can see how Google rankings evolve and react to changes quickly.

Social media advertising

You can post content on social media for free, but due to the current algorithms, page posts don’t always show – even for the page’s followers. Better visibility often requires some advertising money, but luckily increasing your visibility is not difficult.

Social media advertising can be done either by boosting existing posts or by creating new ads and campaigns. Advertising plays a big role when you want to increase your sales online and reach your target group at different stages of the purchasing process, especially before they make the purchase decision. Advertising has precise targeting capabilities and it is a cost-effective way to reach new customers.

We design and implement effective campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, and take care of the continuous monitoring and reporting work. We have analysts, digital marketing professionals and creative designers working side by side, which enables us to combine digital marketing with strategic thinking and creative solutions to ensure the best results.

What we offer

Account audit

We examine your account’s campaign structure, keywords, landing pages, conversion points, and budget. We analyze the results together with you so that the starting points and goals are clear to everyone.

Search engine strategy

We give you suggestions on how to get the most out of campaigns and different ad types. With the help of the audit results, we create a campaign plan according to your strategy and boost your sales with advertising.

Effective monitoring

We define advertising goals together with you and implement them as part of your site’s measurement plan. Our aim is to improve the ratio of money spent to real conversions that provide value.

Consistent design

When you need design changes on campaign landing pages or banner ads, you’ll get them from the same designers that have worked on your site’s visuals. When everything is done by one digital partner, communication is easy.


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Reporting and optimization

SEM reporting and monitoring are combined with web analytics. We also report on an ad-specific level on the results of search engine marketing and optimize your account based on these results. A better-optimized site means lower advertising costs.

At the core of our work

  • Targeted campaigns: effective campaign structures and carefully designed landing pages.
  • Optimized budget: A budget carefully optimized together with you, based on the results of advertising.
  • Result-oriented tracking: Not just clicks, but real goals that help us track the efficiency of advertising.
  • Clear reporting: Reporting that is connected to the comprehensive dashboard visualized to match your brand.

Better results with close cooperation

Digital marketing should be seen as an entirety where search engine advertising, optimization, and website development are closely tied together. Close cooperation among digital marketing, design, and web development is the prerequisite for truly data-driven decisions and profitable results.

As a web development agency, we are able to optimize websites and landing pages in order to improve both organic and paid results. Having only one partner eases communication and reporting and means that you will have more time for the important things.  

Having search engine optimization and advertising under one roof, you will have a more unified strategy where advertising supports organic reach and vice versa. Advertising improves the organic visibility through increased traffic, and optimized content improves your advertising quality score.