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Digital marketing

With digital marketing, we can increase your online visibility. We carefully select the digital marketing approaches that allow you to best reach your potential customers. We combine strategic objectives with tactical actions to ensure growth for your business.

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Our Growth team connects different areas of digital marketing to ensure the continuous development of your company.

Our goal is to utilize data to find the best and most cost-effective digital marketing methods for business growth. Usually, this means various measures of search engine marketing, such as search engine optimization, advertising and automation at different stages of the customer journey.

It is essential that the measurement and analysis of the data are in order and easy to understand. This way, results can be monitored and data-based continuous optimization and validation can be done.

Our digital marketing services

Web analytics

Data is only truly valuable when it is analyzed in the long term and the right measures are taken based on the findings. However, understanding the data is not always easy if you are not an analytics professional.

Evermade helps you with the continuous utilization of analytics and data-driven decision-making.

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Search engine optimization

With search engine optimization, we improve the visibility of your website in search engines. It also helps us increase your site’s organic traffic, which is proven to be the most converting source of traffic for most organizations. The best results are achieved by investing in both content optimization and technical solutions that support search engine visibility.

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Digital advertising

Digital advertising brings in potential customers from search engines and social media in a highly targeted and cost-effective way. Google advertising is based on performance, meaning you only pay per click. Advertising can quickly increase the visibility of your site and also boost organic results, which brings in more conversions.

We can help you with both Google Ads and social media advertising.

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Marketing automation

Each visit and interaction online leaves a digital footprint – why not take advantage of it and boost your sales efforts? Marketing automation can be used to automate repetitive processes, categorize leads and tailor content so that it reaches the right people at the right time. Automation helps to plan and develop user paths on a website and guide visitors toward a purchase. Marketing automation is suitable for almost all companies, regardless of industry and size, and automation can also be started with small steps.

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Results and clarity with digital marketing

Digital marketing should be seen as an entirety where search engine advertising, optimization, and website development are closely tied together. It shouldn’t be seen as individual solutions, but as a comprehensive enabler of sales and growth.

The aim of digital marketing is to identify the customer’s needs, solve their problems and facilitate their purchase decision. Close cooperation among digital marketing, analytics, design and web development is the prerequisite for truly data-driven decisions and profitable results.

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Web analytics

Evermade – your partner in digital marketing

As a web development agency, we are able to optimize websites and landing pages in order to improve both organic and paid results. Having only one partner eases communication and reporting and means that you will have more time for the important things. It also means less time for our customers to run the partnerships on a daily basis.

Having search engine optimization and advertising under one roof, you will have a more unified strategy where advertising supports organic reach and vice versa. Advertising improves organic visibility through increased traffic, and optimized content improves your advertising quality score.

How much money should you invest in digital marketing?

Many things affect the price of digital marketing: your company’s growth goals, industry cost-per-click prices, and the channels used by your target audience. The bucks spent on digital marketing are greatly influenced by what you set as your long-term goal for growth. You should think about how much and on what timeframe you want your business to grow.

Our goal is to always find a budget that fits your company’s current situation. Sometimes it is reasonable to start small and increase the budget later. We will surely find a profitable way of working together!