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We help you sell your products and services online

We design and implement both small-scale and complex ecommerce stores that serve your unique business goals. Our solutions are built to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Storefronts are always thoroughly integrated with your site and purchase paths designed to create pleasant shopping experiences.

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A good user experience means happy customers and more sales.

It is highly possible that the buyer never sees the product in real life before making the buying decision. Therefore, your presentation needs to be better than your competition in order for your product to survive. We want to help you get there!

We tailor our solutions to serve your unique business goals and create a whole experience around online shopping. Our goal is to present your product to the target audience in its most honest form, so that they can almost feel it is right there in front of them. Our primary tool is WooCommerce, one of the world’s leading ecommerce platform. Choosing open source ensures you are not tied to one service provider and helps you avoid unexpected costs.

Each product is unique.

What is the unique selling point of your product? How does it help your customers overcome their problems? What is the product’s backstory? Who is it trying to help and why is this important?

These are all essential questions that help users understand your product or service. Together with you, our goal is to find the competitive advantages and the most appealing features of your product to present to the audience.

Get closer to your customers with marketing automation.

With automation, you can get the most out of your marketing efforts. We help you gather leads, manage them as well as attract and engage the right type of customers. Marketing automation aims to close the gap between the marketer’s limited resources and the ever-expanding pool of data we collect into our CRM’s. With a proper marketing automation stack, we’re able to put our efforts into the most promising ones at the right time.

At the core of our solutions are

1. Careful planning of the purchasing process

A pleasant shopping experience entices customers to buy from the same place again. Therefore, the purchasing process has to be effortless, and different contact points need to support each other so that serving the user is consistent across different channels. We design each ecommerce store by carefully analyzing the different stages of the purchase path.

2. Enhancing your brand’s visibility

The balance between technical features and your brand’s look is important. Our modular Everblox technology makes sure online stores can be completely tailored to suit your brand’s visuals. Editing the store’s look and feel is easy even if your content strategy changes.

3. Boosting sales

Web analytics provides accurate information on the profitability of your marketing efforts and on how customers behave in your online store. We help you utilize visitor data as a basis for efficient decision-making. This allows us to create better user experiences more effective sales strategies.

4. Actively monitoring goals

A thorough monitoring plan serves as a structural basis for measurement. We build a picture of your customers from multiple data sources, help you identify important growth opportunities, and nurture your business by defining relevant key metrics.

5. Further development and optimization

An ecommerce website should not be a one-off project, which is why we always invest in its further development. For example, we run A/B tests as part of conversion optimization, where we strive to find better and more productive solutions for your online store. With SEO, we improve your ranking in search engines, which significantly increases the value of your product content.

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