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Marketing & sales automation

Marketing automation aims to close the gap between the marketer’s limited resources and the ever-expanding pool of data we collect into our CRMs. With a proper marketing automation stack, we’re able to put our efforts into the most promising ones at the right time. Each visit and interaction in the digital environment leaves a mark – why not take full advantage of these and really boost your sales efforts too? Whether you need to better allocate resources or prioritize your CRM tasks, automation is your go-to solution.

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HubSpot Features

Unique and effective HubSpot sites

We have years of experience from hundreds of digital projects. Our implementations are technically advanced, have visually well-thought details and enable cost-efficient content marketing. We don’t see HubSpot as a limitation but as something that gives us and our clients new opportunities. Our HubSpot front-ends are completely customized, which means flexible tools to manage your site’s design and content – you never need to rely on templates.

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Implementation is our strength

Research shows that over 61% of marketing managers found the implementation of the marketing automation process difficult. Building an implementation strategy, managing integrations between platforms and training all relevant employees should be considered as a top priority.

The purpose should be on getting the most out of our customer’s marketing efforts. Our approach is based on constant planning, frequent iteration, and improvement based on the results. Backed up by our data & analytics team, we are constantly on top of measuring the results of your marketing.

Balance is the key

Too many sites are filled with popups, widgets, forms and offers. We believe that balance is the key and the user experience should dictate the pace of personalized offers and shiny features. We always think of your brand as a whole and try to understand all the factors that contribute to its success. Getting new leads is very important, but it is never the only element in the process of improving your business.

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Our tools

An all-in-one inbound marketing platform that’s currently leading the digital presence of SME’s. Whether it’s used as a CMS or to boost your digital efforts, our HubSpot experts got you covered.

WordPress works great when you are starting off with sales & marketing automation. With WordPress, you are not “all-in” into the system and you have the possibility to opt-out. WordPress is a great CMS since it integrates well with both HubSpot and Active Campaign.

Liana Automation is a versatile marketing and sales tool that offers you many different features to automate and improve your business processes. Liana Automation is fully scalable and can be integrated into many different systems.

How do we go forward?

1. Let’s connect

Let’s sit down, have a cup of coffee and discuss your challenges and goals. Where are you headed? What do you want to achieve? We want to be honest – there’s usually no silver bullet. Although we’re talking about automating your marketing efforts, there’s still a lot to do. But we are here to help!

2. Are you ready?

In order for marketing automation to work, we must make sure you have the requirements to start applying it. We’re going to start from the basics – only then we can move into automation.

3. The plan

Still there? We’re starting to see some green light! At this point, we revisit your goals but also lay out a plan to take you there. What are the steps? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Our goal is to always give back more than you invested. Let’s start with something you are comfortable with, and build trust between each other.

4. The implementation

Buckle up – the actual work begins. Sales and marketing automation is not a one-off project. It is an iterative process where our goal is to improve numbers and generate positive ROI together with you.