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Increase your sales & visibility with SEM

Advertising in search engines brings potential customers to your site in a cost-effective, highly targeted way. It is an essential part of a good search engine marketing strategy, and every business can benefit from it.

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The process

Account audit

We examine your account’s campaign structure, keywords, landing pages, conversion points and budget. We analyze the results together with you so that the starting points and goals are clear to everyone.

Search engine strategy

We give you suggestions on how to get the most out of campaigns and different ad types. With the help of the audit results, we create a campaign plan to boost your sales. The goal is always to get you closer to your business goals.

Result monitoring

We define advertising goals together with you and implement them as part of your site’s measurement plan. Our aim is to improve the ratio of money spent to conversions that provide value. We’re also able to make quick changes to campaign pages to improve results.

Consistent design

When you need design changes on campaign landing pages or banner ads, you’ll get them from the same designers that have worked on your site’s visuals. Communication and reporting are easy when everything is done by one digital partner.

Reporting and optimization

SEM reporting and monitoring are combined with the web service analytics. We also report on an ad-specific level on the results of search engine marketing and optimize your account based on these results. A better-optimized site means lower advertising costs.

At the core of our work

Targeted campaigns

Effective campaign structures and carefully designed landing pages.

Optimized budget

A budget carefully optimized together with you, based on the results of advertising.

Result-oriented tracking

Not simply clicks, but real goals that help us track the efficiency of advertising.

Clear reporting

Reporting that is connected to the comprehensive dashboard visualized to match your brand.

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Tatu Kallonen

Senior Web Analyst