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Search engine optimization

Your web service is only useful if your target audience finds its way there. Search engine optimization improves the visibility of your website and increases its organic traffic, which is proven to be the most converting source of traffic for most organizations. The best results are obtained by investing in both content optimization and technical solutions that support search engine visibility.

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Ensure your visibility in search engines

When your content is optimized, your site has a better chance of ranking high for relevant search terms on Google and bringing in more quality traffic from search engines to your site. Search engine optimization improves the organic, unpaid visibility of a website. This can be achieved by providing a smooth user experience and the content that users search for. Search engine optimization requires both technical and content expertise and is never a one-off project.

We strive for continuous, well-planned work and making SEO a seamless part of design and development to ensure that you get the most out of our partnership. When designers, developers, and digital marketing professionals all work under the same roof, search engines can be taken into account at every stage of a project. A unified team and smooth collaboration also reduce optimization costs.

We help optimize your content to match the right keywords, develop optimized landing pages and bring better traffic to your site. Search engine optimization can also be used to lower advertising costs. We optimize individual pages for search engines by, for example, using search terms naturally in the text, taking into account the use of different headings, and formatting the text to be easy to read.

What we offer

Keyword research

With keyword research, we find out which search terms your potential customers use when looking for services or products related to your business.

SEO content plan

In the content plan, we specify what kind of content you should produce for your site in order to rank better for certain keywords and to meet the search needs of your visitors.

Search engine optimized content

We produce search engine optimized text, such as content for landing pages or articles based on the keyword research.

Monitoring and development

We track the ranking and competition for the key search terms and review the results & development suggestions on a monthly basis.

SEO audit

We perform a SEO-audit for your site, paying attention to technical optimization, content optimization, search engine visibiilty as well as internal and external links.   

Competitor research

We analyze your competitors’ search engine visibility, search terms used, link profiles, and SEO measures. We provide you suggestions on how to improve.

Content audit

We go through all your site’s content and analyze the use of keywords, internal links and the structure of pages and articles.  


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Digital advertising services

SEO training

We provide tailored training sessions for content producers and other professionals. Our topics include, for example, “How to produce search-engine friendly content”.  



Schemas show information directly on search result pages as rich search results. We add potential schemas to your site so that it can rise to the dynamic search results.

Better results with close cooperation

Digital marketing should be seen as an entirety where search engine advertising, optimization, and website development are closely tied together. Close cooperation among digital marketing, design, and web development is the prerequisite for truly data-driven decisions and profitable results.

As a web development agency, we are able to optimize websites and landing pages in order to improve both organic and paid results. Having only one partner eases communication and reporting and means that you will have more time for the important things.  

Having search engine optimization and advertising under one roof, you will have a more unified strategy where advertising supports organic reach and vice versa. Advertising improves the organic visibility through increased traffic, and optimized content improves your advertising quality score. 

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