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WEB analytics

Data is the key to successful digital marketing 

Web analytics provides accurate information on the profitability of marketing and the behavior of users. We help our clients utilize data as a base for confident decision-making. Insights from analytics help us create effective online strategies and craft the best possible user experiences.

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Our web analytics services


We provide expert insight on the current state of your site or service. We share our ideas for development and give you concrete suggestions on how to improve your service’s performance.

Online strategy

We help you identify growth opportunities and improve your business by defining relevant key metrics. We build a comprehensive image of your customers using multiple information sources.

Data visualization

We bring the selected metrics into an easy-to-read view that allows your business to track all important metrics. We build automated, clearly visualized report views.

Technical implementation

Properly tested measurement implementations ensure that data is collected reliably, according to data protection laws, and in a comprehensible manner.


Online services need to develop according to user trends. We build various tests and perform continuous iterations to ensure your online service supports your goals.

Social media analytics

With social media analytics, you get to know your followers and learn to create better, more interesting content to your specific audiences.

The process

Auditing the current situation

Mapping the current status of the online service, examing available channels and identifying problem areas.

Defining key metrics

Defining the metrics that are relevant to your business.

Monitoring & tracking

A thorough monitoring plan that serves as a structural basis for measurement.

Data visualization

Understanding collected data by visualizing it, for example, with the help of Data Studio dashboards.


Optimization and testing of your online service based on results to ensure its efficiency.

Our strengths

strategic understanding

Insights to improve your business

We help you utilize visitor data effectively, identify growth opportunities, and understand how user needs are linked to your business goals. Instead of just reporting numbers, we offer comprehensive plans to grow your business.


Data at the core of our work

At Evermade, web analytics is at the heart of every project. Cooperation between developers and analysts enables the continuous introduction of new methods and tools into analytics, making it possible to create very challenging technical implementations.

the best tools

Methods & tools tailored for your needs

Collecting data requires strong technical expertise and the right tools to support it. We always aim to set up exactly the right monitoring methods for your needs that support decision-making.

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