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WordPress CMS

Over the years, we have built hundreds of both small-scale and large online services with WordPress. We offer everything from UI and UX design to technical implementation, strategy, and web analytics. Our mission is to help you succeed online by creating functional and user-friendly online services that take your business to the next level.

We believe WordPress is a reliable choice for almost anyone who needs a versatile and customizable online service. WordPress is a great content management system and a secure choice as a technology, as it can always be scaled up and developed further.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most known publishing and content management system and it keeps on growing in popularity. WordPress is open-source, which makes the further development possibilities of WordPress websites virtually endless. The system is free, easy to update, and very customizable. The popularity of WordPress is also influenced by a wide range of plugins that provide users with a variety of functionalities and eases the work of site administrators.

Since WordPress is a very popular system, it has a large developer community. This means that you can always find qualified developers to work on your WordPress site, and you won’t run into a situation where the system is poorly known and therefore becomes difficult to update. When you choose WordPress as your CMS, you can be sure that the further development of your site is easy and does not generate unexpected costs.

WordPress is intuitive to use and makes content production quick and easy. We always offer our clients WordPress training so that they can update the content of their site as independently as possible. Usually, you can learn to use WordPress in just a couple of hours.

What does WordPress offer its user?

Plugins save time in the development of a WordPress site

Numerous plugins are available for WordPress. When these are carefully selected and integrated into the site, a lot of time developing new features can be saved.

WordPress is a great ecommerce platform

One of the best features of WordPress is that it also works as an ecommerce platform. Over the years, we have built many online stores with WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce and WordPress can be integrated with each other so that the user experience remains intuitive from the perspective of both the user and the site administrator.

Content production is easy with Everberg

We want to provide comprehensive and effective tools for content management without ever compromising your brand’s visuals. That’s why we developed Everberg, a collection of content blocks that allows the complete customization of WordPress and HubSpot sites. It gives your team complete freedom to create and edit content while ensuring that everything stays visually compatible with your brand. Everberg makes it easy to add text, images, videos, and other media to your pages. For example, when you want to create a campaign landing page, you don’t have to buy extra work from your digital agency – with Everberg, you can easily create pages yourself. You also see straight from the editor how the page will look like.

Everberg is tailored to each brand and its blocks are designed and implemented specifically for the needs of each site. With Everberg, you can create landing pages, keep your content up to date, and iterate the content of your site based on data. We take care of the technical side!

WordPress allows a multisite setup

A multisite is ideal for someone who has multiple sites to manage. In a multisite, all sites operate through a single WordPress dashboard. All extensions, themes, features, and user roles are available on all pages of the multisite. Updating is convenient, as the changes are immediately visible on all sites. Although the different sites have the same code base, they may have their own domain name, a different layout, and, for example, country-specific products and other content.

A multisite setup significantly reduces maintenance costs compared to separate pages and provides the administrator with better site management and a more unified experience. When all sites behave the same way, content management is simple and no time is wasted learning the system.

WordPress supports sales and marketing automation

WordPress supports many sales and marketing automation tools and is a good choice when you want to start utilizing automation. It is a great platform for customer relationship management and integrates with services such as HubSpot and Active Campaign. If you are not sure whether you should go with WordPress or HubSpot, you can look into a combination of those two.

With automation, we want to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. Our approach is based on continuous planning, repeated iteration, and data-based development work. Our analysts are closely involved in automation projects so that we can continuously analyze the result of marketing.

Plugins help with search engine visibility

Search engine optimization improves the findability of a website and increases its number of visitors. Being visible for the right search terms is crucial to most businesses. WordPress offers good tools for SEO-friendly content production thanks to its technical solutions and several plugins. For example, the Yoast SEO plugin helps produce search engine-friendly content.

Our own tool, Everberg, also gives you the ability to rank high in search results. If your search terms change, editing existing content or creating new is quick and easy.

We offer comprehensive search engine optimization services for all companies.

WordPress aims for accessibility

Accessibility is about providing equal opportunities in the digital world. Accessibility means user-friendliness – for example, understandable content and a smoothly operating user interface. Focusing on accessibility and ease of use always helps to reach customers better.

Accessibility can be divided into technical implementation, ease of use, and comprehensibility of the content. WordPress provides good opportunities for building accessible websites: as a community, it aims for the WCAG guideline AA level for its dashboard and themes. In addition, when we build websites, we have full control over the code, which allows us to achieve a high level of accessibility.

Why choose us as your WordPress partner? 

  • About 80% of our revenue comes from WordPress projects and over the years, we have built both small and large-scale WordPress sites. With over 10 years of WordPress experience, our processes are well-defined.
  • In addition to development, we offer design, analytics, and marketing automation services. With experts in different fields under one roof, we are able to help our clients with all their challenges.
  • We also take care of your service after launch. Further development and optimization of the site create the greatest value for both the users and your business. Our high-quality, systematic code enables efficient further development of even large sites, while our designated Care team takes care of the site’s maintenance.
  • We provide strategic direction and support. We want to help you succeed online and for you to stand out from your competitors, which is why we focus on your brand as a whole. We always start with a thorough understanding of your organization and your ways of working. We want to help you find a digital strategy that helps your business serve its target groups in the best possible way.

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