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5+ Reasons to apply for a job at Evermade

Let’s face it – everybody wants to work in a skilled, fun, and supportive team, where work doesn’t really feel like a chore. We had a chat with our people to find the biggest reasons why someone would and should consider applying for a job at Evermade. This list was sourced from our team Slack and is presented in randomized order.

Roosa Säävälä, November 10, 2022

We laugh every day

No joke. Our team knows how to deliver a good time, from slow Monday morning breakfasts to the mid-week grinding hours, bubbling weekend preparations, and extracurricular outside-of-office activities. A happy face is never far away.

Not saying that everything’s always perfect. But even on the darker days, this inherent tendency to have fun makes life at the office that much more enjoyable. If nothing else works, there’s always someone goofing around or spreading joy in our Slack with classic gifs.

No corporate bullshit

There’s really no other way to put this. Our hierarchical structure resembles a pancake with a fluffy pile of whipped cream on top. In practice, this shows an authentically laid-back atmosphere, where everyone’s well-being and concerns are truly respected. Anyone can talk to everyone about all things – people are treated equally.

Another way to find evidence of this is to look at the speed of change. When someone (anyone) gets a good idea, or even just an idea worth trying out, it will often have been implemented or tested by the end of the day. It’s in no one’s interest to slow down our development, so people are always encouraged to think about new ways to make work more enjoyable and generate more value as a company.

Lots of freedom, lots of responsibility

A flatter hierarchy means everyone is given the freedom to do stuff and the opportunity to affect things. At the same time, everyone is responsible for their actions and results. There are no free riders. New teammates are expected to perform from day one.

That’s not to intimidate anyone, but rather to encourage people to challenge themselves to use their freedom. Whatever the position, freedom and responsibility make work meaningful. There’s a real atmosphere of lifting each other higher.

Shape your position and the company

Our open positions are never a cage that we lock and lose the key to, once a new person comes along. Naturally, there needs to be some defined focus for everyone, but you’re free to shape your work how you see best fit. We don’t really mind even if a developer turns designer or vice versa because that means s/he has a true passion for the craft.

It’s not just the position, either. Feel free to shake things up on the company level, if you can present how we should do something differently. Want to introduce a new design tool that will cut off hours of work in user testing? Go for it. Got any ideas on how we could improve our QA process? We’re all ears.

Room for learning and growth

Goes with the previous point. The whole Evermade bubble is a fail-safe zone. The following has been heard from our CEO Julius regularly: “It’s always better to try and fail instead of not trying at all.” The best way to learn is by doing things, especially by doing things you haven’t done before.

If you don’t feel like doing it right away, you can take a monthly learning day for studying something before implementing it into your work. And then there’s the team. People show respect for others’ work and are more than happy to help or give feedback. We encourage everyone to develop personally as much as on a company level.

And there’s more

Here are some additional notes picked up from our daily interactions:

  • Great coffee, when made by the right people (occasionally known as Black Death)
  • Sporty people who encourage others to stay active (and sometimes push them to spend all their money on new equipment). This month, we are doing a sports bingo with prizes to be won. 
  • All those other benefits. Let’s not even begin to list them here – you can take a peek at them on our Careers page.
  • Friendly fellows only. Overall, very skilled and passionate teammates.
  • Cool clients and challenging projects.
  • Perfect locations in both Helsinki and Turku! Easy to come and go.
  • Office dogs.
  • Internationality and diversity. Equality.

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