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Elias’ thoughts about his work practice program at Evermade

15-year-old Elias just completed his work practice program (työelämään tutustuminen) at Evermade. Congrats, Elias! In this post, he tells a little bit about his two weeks with us. 

Roosa Säävälä, October 8, 2019

How did you end up doing your work practice program at Evermade? 

I thought it would be cool to learn more about development and design. I’ve been interested in the field of information technology for a long time and wanted to understand it better. I started looking for all the different companies I could apply to and came across Evermade, which seemed like a nice workplace. I sent them an email and in about a week, we already signed the contract papers.

Elias and the Evermadeans

What have you worked on

I have worked on a lot of different things! One of the first things I did was website testing. The point was to find and document bugs and suggestions for improvement. One of the sites was the TYJ site. I searched for errors like broken links that don’t lead anywhere, texts or images that are on top of another, text that doesn’t show properly, etc. I performed the testing on multiple different browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox using a testing platform called Browserstack. It allows you to test sites on different browsers from one place, so you don’t actually have to download all the browsers.

I also went to Evermade’s design and development meets as well as an analytics sales meeting. The design meet made me better understand what kind of work designers really do. But development is the thing that interests me the most!

I have also done some basic office work, like recycling bottles and emptying the dishwasher in the mornings. However, the most fun task assigned to me was to watch the Evermade team’s CS streams from Twitch!

Elias working

How would you describe the vibe at Evermade?

I really like this place, because the atmosphere is positive and relaxed and people talk to each other in a friendly way. I feel like people here support each other and even though they take their work seriously, they also have fun doing it. Nobody seems too stressed. I’m happy I got the chance to come here for my work practice!

You mentioned you want to become a developer in the future. Why do you find it interesting? 

I have been interested in it for a long time because as a developer, you get to solve problems and code some really cool stuff! Right now, I’m thinking of doing a dual degree, which means studying in high school and at the same time, doing a vocational qualification in business information technology. I think it would be a good path to become a developer. 

We all wish Elias success in the future and hope to see him working as a developer at Evermade one day!