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Evermade ownership extending to boost growth and development

We have exciting news today! Evermade has extended its ownership base and Liana Technologies has joined Evermade as a new majority shareholder.

Jaakko Alajoki, January 27, 2022

Everyone might not be familiar with Liana Technologies as a company, but their products like Liana Mailer (formerly known as Postiviidakko) might be more familiar. Liana is strongly focusing on their marketing automation tools and has been actively looking for a partner who would be able to help integrate their tools into the WordPress ecosystem. We at Evermade are focusing on services built with WordPress and HubSpot and have in the previous years identified a growing interest and need for marketing automation and personalized websites in our client base. Previously HubSpot has had a major competitive advantage over WordPress when it comes to automation on the CMS front and we have been looking for solutions to combine WordPress and marketing automation. Our interests and future plans align well with those of Liana’s – and we also realized that our company cultures seem to match really well so we decided to jump on board.

Evermade has grown to its current size in the past ten years with the current owners and management. We currently have 45 professionals working in six different teams. For the past couple of years, we have been considering different options on how to make this company even stronger and more future-proof – and we see the growth opportunities, competitive advantages, and the fresh thinking that collaborating with Liana can bring us as a great opportunity for the organization.

Evermade feels almost like a child to especially us co-founders. It has always been important for us that we can serve our clients in the best way possible – and to create a relaxed and professional working environment for the best professionals. We want to keep going and hold on to the values and principles Evermade was built on.

What will change? Not a lot. Evermade will continue as its own entity: the company & brand will keep going and for the most part, our strategy remains the same. There will be no noticeable change for our clients. We want to be the one-stop agency that helps organizations realize their online dreams. The owners will continue working at Evermade in our previous roles and we are committed to shaping the future of the company for years to come.

What is going to change is that we will start building the best possible services and products combining the power of WordPress and marketing automation.

Julius, Mikael, Jaakko, Riikka & Timo

Liana Technologies is the biggest cloud marketing technology company in Finland. Liana offers services for marketing and cloud professionals and its mission is to offer the best possible tools and services for them. Liana was founded in 2005 in Oulu, Finland, and nowadays the company operates globally. With Liana’s cloud-based tools customers can handle email marketing, marketing automation, content management, e-commerce, media monitoring, and press release monitoring.