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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve noticed that some of you are interested in similar things when it comes to our work and services, technologies we use, the team, career opportunities, and so on. So, here’s a list of FAQ and our short answers. Things can sometimes change fast, but we’ll do our best to keep this one up-to-date. (Last updated: July 1, 2022)

Roosa Säävälä, January 30, 2019


What do you do?

We create websites and digital services. Depending on the case, this includes

  • Digital strategy, user research, service design
  • UX design, prototyping, user testing
  • UI design, web design, digital brand implementations
  • Content design, content input, UX writing
  • Full-stack web and application development (front- and back-end)
  • Web analytics, optimization, reporting
  • Search engine optimization, search engine advertising
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Maintenance and hosting (Evermade Care)

And the actual end product? It can be a website, a progressive web app, a native app, an ecommerce store, a digital interface, a platform, or any other kind of digital service or strategy – depending on what’s the best solution for your challenge. 

Read more about our services.

What technologies do you work with?

Future-proof technologies that fit the purpose. Jaakko has listed our current development stack.

Do you offer summer jobs / internships / thesis work?

While we do not actively promote summer jobs or study-related opportunities, we’re definitely interested in hearing more about you and your proposal. If you have a suggestion that doesn’t match any of our listed open positions, please use the open application. We’ll be happy to see if there’s a possibility for us to work together!

Do you outsource development or work with remote teams?

In short, no. We think it’s important that our developers (and the rest of the team) can interact and learn with, and challenge each other, under one roof. Continuous collaboration and contact are important because they have a direct impact on building a solid team. This strengthens our culture and minimizes ambiguity regarding who’s doing what, when, and where. We believe that having a centralized team guarantees true commitment to projects and high-quality end results.

Can you give us a cost estimate for…?

Yes, we can. The accuracy of our estimate is positively correlated with the accuracy of the information you’re able to provide to us. If you’re all set with that, go ahead and contact us.

Do you do content or copywriting?

While we do have some Shakespearesque wordsmiths in the house, extensive content work is currently not our main focus. In many cases, the content comes from our client, and our role is more about consulting and optimizing the content with the particular service and business targets in mind. However, we will be happy to discuss your need and find the best solution.

Do you know HubSpot?

Yes, we do – we even have a HubSpot team. If you have a HubSpot-related question, please contact Mikael Toivio (

What is Everblox?

Everblox is our way of making website management easier for you. In all its simplicity, it’s a system of content blocks that provides

    • Fast and easy page creation
    • Full control over website content
    • Lower design and development costs
    • Visually stunning results
    • Uncompromised brand consistency.

Read more about Everblox.

Isn’t WordPress unsafe?

Not if you know what you’re doing. Being an open-source platform, WordPress has its vulnerabilities, but as we see it, the pros of having an active developer community heavily outweigh the cons. Our CTO Jaakko has busted a couple of other myths related to WordPress.

Do you do fixed-price projects?

Usually, our pricing is hourly-based – it depends on the scope of the project. Contact us to talk about projects.

Do you have more “boring” b2b or public/governmental clients?

Boring clients – what are those? We don’t just work with some of the most media sexy clients on Earth, like Slush. Our clients come in many shapes and sizes. In addition to successful private companies, we work with a number of b2b and public organizations, including the City of Helsinki, Finnish Heart Association, and Helsinki Deaconess Institute.

Would you be interested in working with us?

A shake of the magic 8-ball tells us that signs point to yes. Let’s chat.

How many people work at Evermade?

We are currently 50 people and counting. Maybe you’re the next to join our team? Take a look at our open positions and apply.

Have you done ecommerce projects?

Yes! We’ve built ecommerce integrations for Messukeskus, Kekkilä, Mafy, Nudamag, Professio and Superpark to name a few. WooCommerce and Shopify are our most used tools for eCommerce solutions. You can go browse our projects or read more about ecommerce.

Are you an ad agency?


Do you only do WordPress projects?

No. WordPress is one of our core platforms (because it’s so versatile), but we always choose our tools according to what’s best for each case. Read more about our technology stack.

What is Evermade Care?

Care is our maintenance service committed to keeping sites and services up and running at all times. Common tickets handled by our snappy Care team include updates, minor tweaks, and bug fixes. The service comes in monthly subscriptions. Discuss a plan by contacting Care Service Manager, Eduardo Murillo (

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Contact us and we’ll do our best to make that question of yours go away!