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What makes things great

Over the past 6 months or so, Evermade has been joined by many talented new people. So many, in fact, that there hasn’t been time to properly document all of them. Heck, some of them could even be robots, judging by the flawless results they produce.

Mr. Evermade, March 1, 2018

Before installing a metal detector at the door though, let’s take a moment to clarify why all these new people (or robots) are here in the first place.

Evermade aims to become the leading WordPress agency in the Nordics. This means that we’re taking on bigger and more complex projects. Projects that require more people. These people are those people – the new kids on the block:

The new faces of Evermade

From left to right: Emilia (Content Designer), Tuomas (Developer), Iina (Office Assistant), Tuulikki (Developer), Pallavi (Developer), Riikka (Project Manager), Krista (Copywriter), Otto (Marketing Coordinator), Joakim (Project Manager)

With growth comes opportunity. We’re grasping the opportunity to improve our services by bringing in all this new talent. Besides improving our development and project management abilities, we have lately been focusing on design thinking and content skills as key parts of our work.

Equally importantly, talent feeds talent. Talented and motivated people inspire each other to develop as professionals and to give the team all they have.

So – what makes Evermade, the internet, and pretty much anything great?

It’s the people.


P.S. Stay tuned for an in-depth look into the people of Evermade.