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Mikael Toivio, November 16, 2015

The hangover of Slush 2015

Back in the “good ol days” all our clients wanted everything done by Christmas. Then a group of young students decided to make our life a bit easier by creating another Christmas in November, Slush (damn you!!). Oh boy, does it get hectic around November. Some additional pressure comes from the fact that we’re the proud creator of Website.

What is Slush?

Slush is a Finnish startup conference started by a group of students few years back. Within just 5 years it has grown from just few hundred people to 15000 people coming from all around the world. It gathers all the best startups and the biggest investors under the same roof.


Photos taken by Paul Stewart

Why do I attend Slush?

A lot of young talent and fresh ideas that might help you with a “Eureka” moment. That’s the way I would some it up. Slush is also a good place to meet up with old friends & clients or have a random chat about anything tech-related.

Slush is proof that there are a lot of enthusiastic people who want to change the world in any way possible. I do agree that as the event has grown bigger there’s more noise concerning the ideas than there was before. But as we have more bad ideas we also have more good ideas.

Compared to other professional events, the atmosphere at Slush is actually quite relaxed. An event this sized would make it seem that just the amount of people makes it hectic — it’s not. And if you want to feel more relaxed just wait for the afterparties.


Photo taken by Paul Stewart

What a week

As always, our plan was to get a lot of things done before Slush. A lot of publishing happened during Slush.

Here’s a quick list of some of the things:
  • Final updates to before the LIVE event
  • Launch of
  • Our new brand (I’ll do a seperate post on this)
  • Launch of the redesinged
  • A no-sound demoreel for our booth
  • Booth structure and designs
  • Business Cards and Print material
Here’s our no-sound demoreel (no Chaplin sry)

We’re the proud creator of Website is handled by us. We provide a dynamic WordPress platform on which the core-team of Slush does all of the content on. Majority of all attendees go trough the website and throughout the year almost all marketing points towards it. It needs to look damn good and every year we want to make it better.



One of my highlights of the week was a RSVP event called Midnight Game Music Convert hosted by Housemarque, Seriously, Supercell, Remedy, Rovio and Slush in which an orchestra played theme music from different games. Apocalyptica and Poets of the fall also featured on stage. For me it was a very special moment because we’ve been working with all but one of these companies for a long time. It was a calm moment before the storm. Dear Slush, this needs a happen every year.

Thanks everybody!

It’s a busy week that we have behind us. The event was a great success and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one. Cheers, Mikael out!


Here’s a pic Joonas secretly took while I was taking a nap after a good old all-nighter.