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Three tips for applying for a front-end dev position

Today, I’ve spent a few hours going through applications for our front-end developer position. After reading all these applications I would like to give three tips:

Jaakko Alajoki, July 31, 2017
  1. Make sure that your language is correct. In today’s modern workplace English skills are required. You need to be able to write emails, communicate via instant messages and produce specifications. Also for me, the correctness of the language shows how serious the applicant is. When I’m reading hundreds of applications I don’t want to spend time trying to guess what the applicant is trying to say. If the language is poor there is a higher probability that the application is ignored.
  2. When applying for a front-end developer position it should be super easy to show something you have previously done. It could be previous sites you have made, GitHub repo, CodePen profile… you name it! It’s easy to spam cool technologies and acronyms on your CV but for us is pretty hard to judge the actual skills without seeing anything concrete. And if you really cannot show anything I’m expecting to hear why.
  3. Since we are getting applications from all over the world I would also like to know what’s your relation to Finland. This is partially just out of curiosity and partially for practical reasons. Are you planning to move here? Do you need help with relocation? Do you have a working permit? Do you REALLY understand how freakin’ dark here is during winter?!

There are of course tons of more things to consider when writing a perfect application but these are the things on top of my mind right now.