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What’s up Internet?

A few years back the world was amazed about the visual and technical implementation on the web. We’ve gone past this premature phase and started to think how we can really connect with our users. Write articles, create videos & make content that genuinely appeals to your audience. Don’t let technology get between you and your visitors.

Mikael Toivio, November 15, 2016

Samuli and Mikael at the office

What’s hot

• Automated marketing

Finding ways to directly connect with the individual user.

• Creative use of video material

Using video to create a stronger connection between the brand and the end-user.

• Single sign-on and user-specific analytics

Making sure the user stays logged in on all platforms and mapping out the core users.

• Approachable look and feel

No more generic skyscraper & handshaking pictures. Users want to know who’s behind it all.

• Dynamic templating

It’s more about the message than the technical implementation – templates need to be easily customized.

• Improving page loading times

Happy user, better SEO.


…what’s not

• Parallax effects

Poor performance on retina screens.

• Hacking SEO rankings

Search engines rely more on user-based analytics rather than repeated words. Social media has also become a key entry point for users.

• Reinventing the UI with a tight budget

My grandma hates this.

• Spamming social media icons on your website

Users rarely click Follow buttons through the website UI. Make sure they can find them though.

• My first CSS animation

Waiting for content to fly across the screen like a bumblebee. Hahaha… Don’t.